Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Feel Good Post of the Year

This has been a stressful year and an incredible year.. We are fortunate , healthy and full of joy. I'm counting every single one of my blessings from this year and I'm counting , already !, the ones yet to come just in the first couple months of the new year. I think we have wheels for feet, us Hopkins .. We're constantly moving between Calgary, Canmore, Kimberley , the island and Beaumont. We haven't had many weekends where we aren't visiting or being visited . And that's truly a wonderful sign of being surrounded by loved ones.                              

To add to that, I'm opening up my very own nail studio. I spent a weekend this past November educating myself with experts in the field of mani/pedis and expanding my knowledge so that I can create a space that gives people joy and a chance to sit and reflect on themselves and be pampered. I don't have a date for the grand opening but .. The new year sometime .. And I can not wait !

So, amidst all the renovations, the day trips into Canmore for speech therapy (something that has drastically improved communicating with our little guy) , the weekend away at school, christmas baking and visiting with friends, Ellis' school and housework.. I've managed to stay on top of some christmas orders I received and am working away on my annual print for the Janus Academy in Calgary.

I dont do as much charity work as I used to prior to having our babies but offering a print to this school makes me so happy. It's rare that you can donate to something and see the difference your donations are making.. this school is an exception. One of my friends had a child in Ellis' kinder class and they did everything they could to get their little guy who's on the spectrum, into this school to help make a difference. And a difference it has made! I quit Facebook a month ago because there was a lot of garbage on their and people complaining and starting arguments but one gal stayed true to positive posting and let me tell you.. the positive posts were of how well her son was doing because of this school (and because he's actually a cool dude!).  How could you not want to support a school that causes such happiness and joy in children and provides them with the tools and supportive environment to help them learn how they can make the world work for them.  I don't see this family very often.. actually it's once a year so that she can pick up my print for the annual spring gala auction .. but I LOVE the progress thats happened in the last two years for them. 

In The Neighborhood 1
© Lindsey Hopkins 2015

Leaving you with this post, I hope you remember to count your blessings and be grateful and joyful for the things that surround you, the people that love you and the body that keeps you moving (be it slow or fast). This world has much to offer and you have lots to offer back, big or small. 


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