Sunday, 23 November 2014

family portraits

I don't know why I've never done this before. Probably because nobody has ever asked me to..
But my latest project has been so fulfilling and rewarding that I just have to share it with the world. {That would be you, blog reader. Ps, thank you for visiting my little blog.. }

I also want to share the name of the family that was used in the making of this wee project because the momma is an uber talented woman and maker of fine caffeinated bevvies at one of my fave coffee shops but I do not want to spoil her surprise for family and friends .. But she did say I could post it on here . Eeeeee!

Seriously the cutest family... in real life and illustrated. 

So, if you are seeing this and thinking you'd be a pretty nifty illustrated version of a family and want one of your very own.. head on over to my etsy shop (click on the picture below) and send me a message... It is custom work so prices do vary. 

Note: All artwork and illustrations displayed on this blog are original and created by me. Out of kindness and in good karma , please do not copy any of my artwork nor blog posts from this blog. Should you wish to use any of my content , please contact me for permission. 

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