Monday, 23 June 2014

Mr.Pully's Groom Cake

Mr.Pully's Groom Cake 

Awhile back, I was asked to do a groom's cake for one of Ryan's very good work mates. Our whole family has a fondness for Mr.Pully and new wife, Mrs.Pully. They are such good people, amazing friends and from what I can tell, Mr.Pully is a pretty fun guy to work with. So, below is an account in photo form of how this cake came together.. 

There was no preference to flavour, and I decided that a classic vanilla would be a good start. A dozen eggs, 6 cups of flour and 4 cups of milk later and you have two 10 inch rounds of cake at almost 3 inches high. That, my friend, is a LOT of cake. 

The decorations were pre made so that they had sufficient drying time. 

The filling was a strawberry reduction infused with vanilla and orange zest. The house never smelled so good!! 

This is the hubby's job.. levelling the cake and stacking to ensure precision for the fondant. I don't like an uneven cake. 

Crumb coat with a yummy vanilla buttercream. Nothin' too fancy, I wanted the filling to shine against the yummy vanilla cake.

Marshmallow fondant.. When the cake is this huge, you need to be prepared to do this step a few times. I got it on in two tries! 

The decorating begins. That mini vodka bottle to the right was not for consumption. Promise. Vodka and gel food colouring allows me to paint on the fondant and it dries completely !   
From what I remember, the groom's history is rich in fly fishing .. the cakes original development was going to be a huge trout. But, I wasn't able to get my hands on an air brush and thought a "camp/fishing" themed cake was more fun. Here it is , after all of the pieces have been assembled. Pre steaming. 

A close up of the cake. The cake , at this stage, had been steamed with an iron to make any remaining dust from icing sugar disappear and give it a glossy appearance. It helps to complete the look. As you can see, on the tent there was a bit more steaming required..

This one got away… 

but I think the groom caught his limit ;) 

A proud moment for me.. my first cake for a wedding. It made it in one piece on our 2 hour drive up from Cochrane to Red Deer and survived a "NEAR" fender bender! 

the bride and groom ! it was a fantastic wedding (and those cupcakes were delicious fyi!) .unfortunately, we left early since our boys were tired and we had father's day plans the following day. but i was so happy to have had a small hand in this couple's wedding day…   Congrats Mr.and Mrs. Pully!!

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