Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Resolutions For My Children


I love New Years. Not for it's celebrations { because we all know I'm a bit of a snooze fest when it comes to going out and partying it up NYE style } but more for it's sense of renewal. I think there are a lot of people like that out there. I'm ok with sitting back and relaxing with my children and husband for NYE and eating delicious food and enjoying a good G&T. This year, we are celebrating with our neighbours.. a continuing event of appetizers, drinks, board games and laughter. PS. Stop reading this right now and run out and by "What's Yours Like?" . RIGHT NOW. The best board game you will play with adult family and friends, ever! 

But the sense of renewal is something I look forward to come December 1st. And it's something I need as December 28th rolls around , Christmas is finished and we've celebrated Ellis' birthday with family.
So, this year, I have a resolution for my children. It's nothing new to us but the reinforcement is needed after we acquired a Nintendo Wii for Ellis at Christmas. He is LOVING it. And we are not a 'gaming' family but very easily could be with Super Mario and Sonic's The Black Knight (the only two games we own) being extremely addicting! Therefore, I have decided that each and every day I must , at the VERY least, do something active with my children for 1 hour. 

Sounds so simple right.. but when your home has been over run by renovations and organization and entertaining , it's easy to lose that hour of activity and just sit your kids down with a snack and a cartoon. But now, everyday, my conscious decision will be to choose an activity that we can do all together and have some fun moving around. My inspiration has come from these pictures in this post. 

The top photo came from Premier Lake, BC near Kimberley. And it was BEAUTIFUL. It really encapsulated what the mountains are about. The lake is surrounded on two sides by barely gradual vertical drops of trees with a few homes on the right side. The end of the lake is what looks like a massive farm with fields of green flowing grass . The fish were jumping as we stood and watched. And the boys loved walking on the dock while Charlie and I stayed back on the beachside. Stunning. 

Below , I took this photo on my camera while on vacation in Kingston. This is a picture of the grassy field at Gould Lake in Sydenham. You come out of rolling farmland into this strange drive through thick bush and trees. It feels almost like a safari.. Then you come to a 'toll' for the park and head on into the parking lot. It was quite an experience this day, we managed to show up right at the beginning of a loud and thunderous storm and then the black flies were attacking but the lake beckoned and the huge grassy field was the perfect setting for playing ball! …..

And finally, below is Charlie and I relaxing in the naturally heated waters of the Loussier Hot Springs ! This place blew my mind. It was the most fantastic experience of my life. I've been some cool places and done a few cool things but this tops it all. You have not seen the mountains in their glory until you have sat next to freezing rushing waters of a river in warm pools and the misty rain coming down all around you. Glorious. PS. You don't see Ellis in this pic - probably because he was wooing the 20yr old hotties on the other side of the pool. But honestly, these are the experiences I want more of this year. I want to say we stepped out of the box more in 2014.  

What are your resolutions? Or do you make them? Leave a comment below, let me know. 

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  1. commenting on my own post..loving the pics.