Friday, 22 November 2013

Let's Be Real Friday.

Alrite. it's time for a 'let's be real' moment.

Two things. 

1. If I give you the peace sign , that means I consider you a close friend.

2. When I say I deal with OCD , I mean "I DEAL with OCD". Confirmed, diagnosed, and treated, yo. That means, when we're having a conversation and I tell you that my OCD causes me to do something that seems a bit (ha!) repetitive.. it's because I have an anxiety disorder that triggers compulsive acts. Emotional distress is a normal state of mind for me. So while we're chatting away and for some reason or another, my habits of checking & rechecking or certain nervous rituals come into conversation and you say "oh i do that"... think about whether or not you are emotionally going to be able to cope after you've "checked" something and then start to doubt yourself. Think about whether or not you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest making your breath hard to catch . Or if you feel embarrassed because you are well aware that your compulsive actions are ridiculous . Let's be real... no peace sign for you .

That is all. 

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