Friday, 22 November 2013

Let's Be Real Friday.

Alrite. it's time for a 'let's be real' moment.

Two things. 

1. If I give you the peace sign , that means I consider you a close friend.

2. When I say I deal with OCD , I mean "I DEAL with OCD". Confirmed, diagnosed, and treated, yo. That means, when we're having a conversation and I tell you that my OCD causes me to do something that seems a bit (ha!) repetitive.. it's because I have an anxiety disorder that triggers compulsive acts. Emotional distress is a normal state of mind for me. So while we're chatting away and for some reason or another, my habits of checking & rechecking or certain nervous rituals come into conversation and you say "oh i do that"... think about whether or not you are emotionally going to be able to cope after you've "checked" something and then start to doubt yourself. Think about whether or not you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest making your breath hard to catch . Or if you feel embarrassed because you are well aware that your compulsive actions are ridiculous . Let's be real... no peace sign for you .

That is all. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

it's that time.


but first.. i transformed my front entrance halloween decorations to a winter/holiday theme... 
{a coat of gold spray paint and some baby blue dyed salt dough ornaments coloured with gold oil based sharpie make for fun easy ornaments! great for gifting!}

here's the finished product of a photo i posted on facebook..
A GIFT FOR AUNTIE DONNA. but shh. don't tell her! 

My non traditional winter wreath. 
Currently, it's hanging in my kitchen.
The ombre lavender to deep purple and grey tones make me so happy. 
{ TO MAKE :  felt in light to dark shades of one or two colours , glue, wreath form, cut out leaf shapes  from each piece of felt, arrange on wreath form in ombre pattern. E.A.S.Y }

Charlie's Birthday Cake

Our darling wild boy turned 1. one. a big O.N.E.
it was an interesting weekend. the build up was more than i intended. between pressure to finish our front entrance way and keeping the house as clean as i normally do. the snow coming , kindergarten pick ups and drop offs , babysitting for friends, and party preparations.. i think i might have been close to sending my husband,mother in law and children over the edge with my anxiousness.

i'm not exactly sure why we do this to ourselves. but i just wanted charlie to have a birthday to remember. and that he will.

the day before his party , it snowed. and snowed wet , heavy , icy snow at that. family in northern alberta couldn't come for weather and work related reasons and same with family in southern alberta. it was so disappointing to see the weather reports and my mood showed; i was not entirely happy with mother nature. but charlie... he just bounced around , crawling here and there , like it was just another day. with my husbands reassurance that he wasn't going to miss a beat on his birthday.. i sucked up my pouty face and dealt. mommy's just want their babies to have the best of everything... and when my heart is set on something..  change is a tough concept for me to accept.

but all in all. i wanted everyone to be safe! and considering that the highways were being shut down and the roads were slicker than a wet noodle.. it's better to celebrate at a different time than risk our families lives. so.....

though we didn't have many family members stay and grandma scooted out the door at the sight of snowflakes before we even had supper,cake or took a peak at pressies... we still had a great evening with ry's sister, her bf and ry's ma.

in fact... we indulged in a few drinks after the kids went to bed and managed to squeeze in a few games of scattergories and three games of tile rummy (a fam favourite thanks to ryan's mom and !) . it was a great evening.. the snow fell , the drinks were yummy, the food was good and charlie enjoyed his cake and special birthday cookies...

i feel a little bit guilty about the cake... everyone expected that my mother in law, Audrey (who's the cake queen!!) and I would bust out an incredible sculpture of a cake but in reality.. when it comes to my family , I don't really dig those cakes.. I prefer the homestyle cakes like we used to have as kids. Quite frankly, I like the ol' Betty Crocker box cakes too.. but I  have been handed down a pretty wicked recipe for both chocolate and vanilla cake. Though.... I think in my haste and anxiousness I missed a key wet ingredient in my chocolate fudge cake since it came out dryer than usual...     oh well! Charlie wanted his birthday cookie anyways.

so charlie. you're a big boy now. and any day you will be walking. your family loves you more than you know and we promise, next year... we'll all be together to blow your first birthday out of the water!!