Friday, 25 October 2013

{ Recipe : Gingerbread Dutch Baby Pancake }

Alritey ya'll. Here it is. You've seen it on my facebook feed. You didn't know what it was. So here's the recipe. It's easy, it's delicious, & it looks difficult and impressive! Perfect for family brunch!!

Ingredients :

3 eggs
3tbsp butter
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup AP flour
dash of salt
dash vanilla extract
1/2 tbsp of gingerbread spices
1 apple
1/4 cup maple syrup

{Step 1}    Preheat oven to 425.

{Step 2}    Place pie dish in oven while preheating.

{Step 3}     Slice and peel apple. Cubes, thin slices, whatever you choose.

{Step 4}     In a non stick skilled, place butter and melt over medium heat.

{Step 5}     Add your maple syrup and apples to skillet. Cook till slightly softened.

{Step 6}      Whisk eggs, milk, flour ,spice, salt and vanilla extract in a bowl. Whisk till frothy.
                               Use lots of arm strength!!

{Step 7}      Once apples have softened, poor into the pie dish that you have brought out from the oven.

{Step 8}      Give your egg mixture a quick whisk and right away, pour that over top of the apples.

{Step 9}       Place back in 425 oven and bake until sides have puffed up and light brown. Approx. 20                            minutes.                          

{Step 10}     Serve hot from oven with pure maple syrup. Sprinkle with icing sugar even!!            

moments in time.

there are days when i feel like all i do is rush rush rush and try to remember the moments we had , at the end of the day. but other days, i stop and feel the moment in every fibre of my being. and it leads me to these moments...

a day at the edmonton zoo with daddy. 

goofing around in the kitchen with daddy.

camping at miquelon lake , not far from home. we were with ryan's workmates.
second best camping trip of the year. the weather was amazing for alberta and all of the kids had a blast.
definately doing this again next year!

i love making my boys something for breakfast that looks complicated and delectable but is actually quite e.a.s.y. and the fact that that morning ry had said he was going to ask me to make it for breakfast warmed my heart more than he knew. 

then there are these moments...  domestic labour at its finest. renovations have been eating up our time lately. while i feel bad that it has stopped us from doing fun things with the boys, the time and effort we put into it now means we'll have less  very little to do on the house later. sanding this newel post wasn't too bad until i got up and looked around the main floor and EVERYTHING was covered in a layer of fine dust... this is the last time i sand anything , with my electric sander , IN the house. ugh. 
please note: if we could have detached it without damaging it, i would have done it outside! but we are trying to save ourselves the $70 of a new post and on top of that, we saved about $100 in recycling our spindles. stay tuned for the "after" photos! 

aaah yes... then there are days when we take part in supporting our community.. our local Home Hardware put on a grand opening for their new store location and part of that included two bouncy castles and a velcro wall. I HAD TO DO IT. that's my ellis in the middle of the frame watching his mother throw herself against the wall. and boy did i stick! it was awesome!! don't mind ellis' extra long shirt and bed head. we were continuing the renovation and all sense of style went out the door. just be thankful you didnt get the full scope of my outfit for that day... :/ 

Thursday, 3 October 2013

custom order.

a custom order inspired by girl's trip to new york. 
had to give a nod to the berkin bag, bloomingdales and of course, tiffany's.