Monday, 30 September 2013

DIY Fall Decor

WOW. am i ever in love with my fall table. it's so simple and sweet. and a little bit scary!
and best of all , it was E.A.S.Y. to pull together and C.H.E.A.P.

the lamp was from Target as of last year. it was actually a bit costly but I had been searching for ages for just the right size of lamp and when Target opened up here in Edm. I found there mix and match shades/bases an excellent source for lighting options!

the owl beside my little wee ghost {more on that guy in a minute} , is a Scentsy warmer. I loooove my Scentsy and am currently using the Dulce De Leche pack. YUM.

the wire basket with three wick candle is from party lite that i earned enough host credit for two years ago. I LOVE FREE especially when its something that I really wanted.

the candle sticks i have had since we moved in 7 years ago , their candles are the faux bois { my favourite painting technique! -- fake woodgrain -- } pillars from party lite last year.

the wee owl on the end , i found in a beautiful home decor store in kimberley,b.c. that has since burned down. SO unfortunate!! i saw it and my husband knew it was coming home with us when i turned around with it!

and the halloween tree....

so last week, on my way to pick up my son from kindergarten (eek!!) on my bike, i was toodling along this street ....

and lo and behold!! sitting like it was waiting for me to see it.. was this lone branch. the perfect size and shape for my front entrance table and dying to be spray painted with high gloss black paint. it was kismet. so, i stuck it in the back of my chariot .. like so.. 

and off charlie and i went to school to pick up his big brother. ellis, upon seeing the branch, immediately asked what we were going to craft with it. he knows his mommy so well.
the next day , i spray painted it black and let it dry over nite. and this past weekend, ellis decided he wanted to hang ghosts off it and found my owl punch and wanted to make a family of owls. one for daddy,mommy, charlie and himself. SO CUTE.

Halloween Tree 

all it took was :

random branch.
black glossy spray paint. any variety laying around the house will do.
an evening to let it dry.
a vase.
some rocks or in my case, decorative glass beads.
{ you could spray paint a handful of pebbles black and throw them in to hold up the branch in a pinch! be resourceful and cheap! }

white felt and black marker to make ghosts.
-- i just cut out random squiggly shapes and let ellis put on ghoulish eyes , took a bit of AP {all purpose} glue and glue some yarn on the back for hanging--

shove dry, black painted branch into vase full of rocks. position till it holds steady. and hang your decorations !


the little owls took a little more work.

what you need :

owl punch.
name plate punch.
dark cardstock.
white paper. (owls)
glitter (gold in my case)
that scrapbooking glue that rolls on like tape.
left over yarn for haning.

ellis cut them from my Martha Stewart Owl punch. i pasted them with glue to dark grey cardstock that was punched out from one of my name plate punches. ran some glue along the edge. sprinkled some glitter on and knocked off the excess. dabbed some glue on the back for the yarn and let dry. 20min later they were hanging on our Halloween tree!

Now for that wee little ghost of mine... he's about 3 years old. i made him out of salt dough... stay tuned for that DIY post and a really great salt dough recipe!!