Friday, 26 July 2013

nail tutorial 1 **

Today , I had a date set for a manicure with a girlfriend of mine.. we were going to even bring our boys to the salon and let them play while we pampered ourselves. But come 4am, my littlest babe woke up and I found that he had gotten sick all over his crib. It was the saddest sight. That moment told me it was an inside day.. even tho the wind was blowing a little cooler and the sun wasn't as hot as it normally is , my favourite kind of day to be outside. So, after disinfecting, laundering , soothing sore bums and changing countless diapers, a call to Alberta Health Link and a visit from my mom who brought me supplies and provided a few moments respite.. I decided the salon was coming to me.. and now, you! 
It's not a pro. jobby but it does the trick... 

Glitter Heart Nail Tutorial

{Step 1.} Do a quick french mani. Apply a strip of OPI alpine snow across tips of nail. 
Take a Q tip , dip in nail polish , and wipe along nail line to clean up. 

{Step 2. } Apply a layer of sheer pink polish over top. My choice is Rimmel Londons French Rose 442. Just so you get a nice pinkish hue . ( My husband will appreciate the Seinfeld reference there.) 

{Step 3.} Let dry. Be patient..and don't change any diapers for awhile.. unless you absolutely have to (in my case,  I did. Sir Charles is sick with the flu and vomit and diarrhea have been prevalent in today's events.. or lack of. In which case, a quick coat of Essies' Good to Go will do the trick!

{Step 4.} Take a piece of washi tape, cut out a wee heart. Apply to nail of choice. Press hard.

{Step 5.} Apply layer of Essie's All in One 3 Way Glaze. 

{Step 6.} Shake glitter over nail. Then lightly tap excess glitter off. 

{Step 7.} Slowly peel washi tape off. 

{Step 8.} Apply another coat of Essie's All in One 3 Way Glaze.

**and TA-DA ** 

a quick and easy way to put a little pep in your french mani. 

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