Thursday, 9 May 2013

sneaky sunshine

today we had a fantastic today. 
this week has been a great week , actually. 
but first a little side note ; this is my first week off of my OCD medication. it's been a bit of a rough go. my medication dosage was twice that of a normal prescription i guess you could say. its been a fight through lethargic bouts, nausea, and pins & needles. i'm not going to lie, it's a definite body withdrawal and a bit of a head game to get past my OCD and anxieties. but, to put it all in perspective, i'll be happy to be off a mind altering drug and let my body learn to produce enough seratonin to control what ails me. and to learn how to get past my tendency to check, double and triple plus check things in our home, on my own. i'll be in search of new and natural routes to get past this personal hurdle. 
so with that said, my withdrawal symptoms have pushed me to give up driving for the week since i haven't felt comfortable behind the wheel atm. therefore, ellis , charlie and i have walked literally everywhere around our wee town. which , when you're using two feet and a heart beat {as my good friend heather put it the other day} , this town does not seem so wee! 
today we clocked in 4 hours of walking ! my body is loving it - the pounds are coming off. 
but today was a great day - the boys and i were out of the house by 930 and at the local rink for ellis' sport ball program. after that, because of the gorgeous warm weather, we stopped for a slurpee and a play at a park. then onwards home with a pit stop at my parents home and a chat with a lovely friend of mine. 
after we were home for a few hours and got in a little nap, i noticed a big ol' sunburn on my chest and back. sneaky sunshine. 

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