Monday, 13 May 2013


{let me set the mood for you.}
its another wonderful day in the month of may. mother's day to be exact.
'home' by philip phillips is playing on my husband's ipod.
my children are smiling. ellis is riding his bike, inspecting his daddy's work and questioning when his buddy will be back outside.
the sun is shining. my handsome husband is washing and detailing our 'new'car. a slight sheen of sweat
along the line of his broad shoulders.
the sound of charlie cooing and mimicking peter pan in his exer-saucer is heart warming.
the air is slightly heavy with muggy warmth and the clouds are suspended in animation waiting for the next breeze to pass through and move them on.
our neighbours arrived home from their lake lot, smiles on their faces from new memories being made.
it is a joyous day. a day you write about. a day you think about. a day you remember.
my mothers day is perfect. i don't ask for much. maybe a nap. maybe a little peace and quiet. maybe a chance to catch up on a few things i enjoy doing. like writing. the boys showered me with flowers , largely colourful and beautiful hanging baskets for our yard, and cards. its nothing extravagant but extravagance is not what i strive for. life is not about extravagance and opulence for me. its the memory making with my children and the love that i get to share with my husband. the kisses,the hugs, the moments , the magic. it is magic. it's a cosmic,shooting star kind of life. for me, you can't get any better than that.
life is like that when you put your all into love.

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