Friday, 24 May 2013

camping in the rain

seriously? seriously... it is raining. right now. yup. full on. rain.

alrite, so i'm a camper. a pretty good camper. pre - les enfants i used to camp in a tent. happily.
with my husband. post - les enfants. it's a full 26ft trailer for this biatch. tent, what?

it's the weekend of an annual ball tourney we partake in.. i've been looking forward to it for awhile now. we missed one year (thankfully) where it snowed. ha, that was a close one.
so we've been procastinating our pack up and really we don't need much. but you see, we have a problem. the hot water tank has blown up. and by blown up.. i mean.. we forgot to winterize it in time before the big freeze last fall and well, we tried to slowly heat up the water so that we could get antifreeze (??) in the lines and before we knew it, a hole this


big was blown in the side from the water expanding..
now , this normally wouldn't bother me..however, we didn't get this wee little hole fixed (ie. replace ENTIRE water heater) in time so we are camping with deux enfants WITHOUT HEAT.
what's that? you didn't hear me... oh sorry, W I T H O U T   H E A T !!!!
i am camping with my 7 month old without HEAT. and its raining. RAINING. R A I N I N G.
and the short term forecast for the weekend is showing a significant drop in temperature compared to the summer like heat wave we have experience this past week and a half. now, my four year old will be a- ok sans heat. we'll layer him up and he can run around and play in the puddles all he wants. my wee babe is going to be a little less happy about being constantly bundled up. but, we will do as the eskimos do. it's going to happen. i can not convince my husband otherwise. he is looking forward to this weekend away, way too much to cancel. plus it would sort of royally screw our ball team...

so let it be known that this will be a first for this girl.camping sans heat with children. playing ball in the rain and enjoying every second of it {?}. atleast we aren't in a tent.. that would just be stupid of us.. also, i relieved some of the pressure by putting our dogs in the kennel for the weekend. i dont think any of us would come back in one piece if we took our two mutts with us. the smell of wet dog , the dirt and dog hair would be overkill and i'm not sure that they would be coming back home with us, if that was the case.

but, i think i'm going to go take my last chance there is today (or this weekend) to have a HOT shower and finish packing up our blankets {and last bit of sanity i can muster - something tells me i'm going to need it}.

wish us luck. {LOTS of it.}


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