Friday, 24 May 2013

camping in the rain

seriously? seriously... it is raining. right now. yup. full on. rain.

alrite, so i'm a camper. a pretty good camper. pre - les enfants i used to camp in a tent. happily.
with my husband. post - les enfants. it's a full 26ft trailer for this biatch. tent, what?

it's the weekend of an annual ball tourney we partake in.. i've been looking forward to it for awhile now. we missed one year (thankfully) where it snowed. ha, that was a close one.
so we've been procastinating our pack up and really we don't need much. but you see, we have a problem. the hot water tank has blown up. and by blown up.. i mean.. we forgot to winterize it in time before the big freeze last fall and well, we tried to slowly heat up the water so that we could get antifreeze (??) in the lines and before we knew it, a hole this


big was blown in the side from the water expanding..
now , this normally wouldn't bother me..however, we didn't get this wee little hole fixed (ie. replace ENTIRE water heater) in time so we are camping with deux enfants WITHOUT HEAT.
what's that? you didn't hear me... oh sorry, W I T H O U T   H E A T !!!!
i am camping with my 7 month old without HEAT. and its raining. RAINING. R A I N I N G.
and the short term forecast for the weekend is showing a significant drop in temperature compared to the summer like heat wave we have experience this past week and a half. now, my four year old will be a- ok sans heat. we'll layer him up and he can run around and play in the puddles all he wants. my wee babe is going to be a little less happy about being constantly bundled up. but, we will do as the eskimos do. it's going to happen. i can not convince my husband otherwise. he is looking forward to this weekend away, way too much to cancel. plus it would sort of royally screw our ball team...

so let it be known that this will be a first for this girl.camping sans heat with children. playing ball in the rain and enjoying every second of it {?}. atleast we aren't in a tent.. that would just be stupid of us.. also, i relieved some of the pressure by putting our dogs in the kennel for the weekend. i dont think any of us would come back in one piece if we took our two mutts with us. the smell of wet dog , the dirt and dog hair would be overkill and i'm not sure that they would be coming back home with us, if that was the case.

but, i think i'm going to go take my last chance there is today (or this weekend) to have a HOT shower and finish packing up our blankets {and last bit of sanity i can muster - something tells me i'm going to need it}.

wish us luck. {LOTS of it.}


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

three reasons.

grumpy ,tired and nauseous or not. these are the reasons i wake up in the morning with a smile on my face and love overflowing in my heart. 

Monday, 13 May 2013


{let me set the mood for you.}
its another wonderful day in the month of may. mother's day to be exact.
'home' by philip phillips is playing on my husband's ipod.
my children are smiling. ellis is riding his bike, inspecting his daddy's work and questioning when his buddy will be back outside.
the sun is shining. my handsome husband is washing and detailing our 'new'car. a slight sheen of sweat
along the line of his broad shoulders.
the sound of charlie cooing and mimicking peter pan in his exer-saucer is heart warming.
the air is slightly heavy with muggy warmth and the clouds are suspended in animation waiting for the next breeze to pass through and move them on.
our neighbours arrived home from their lake lot, smiles on their faces from new memories being made.
it is a joyous day. a day you write about. a day you think about. a day you remember.
my mothers day is perfect. i don't ask for much. maybe a nap. maybe a little peace and quiet. maybe a chance to catch up on a few things i enjoy doing. like writing. the boys showered me with flowers , largely colourful and beautiful hanging baskets for our yard, and cards. its nothing extravagant but extravagance is not what i strive for. life is not about extravagance and opulence for me. its the memory making with my children and the love that i get to share with my husband. the kisses,the hugs, the moments , the magic. it is magic. it's a cosmic,shooting star kind of life. for me, you can't get any better than that.
life is like that when you put your all into love.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

sneaky sunshine

today we had a fantastic today. 
this week has been a great week , actually. 
but first a little side note ; this is my first week off of my OCD medication. it's been a bit of a rough go. my medication dosage was twice that of a normal prescription i guess you could say. its been a fight through lethargic bouts, nausea, and pins & needles. i'm not going to lie, it's a definite body withdrawal and a bit of a head game to get past my OCD and anxieties. but, to put it all in perspective, i'll be happy to be off a mind altering drug and let my body learn to produce enough seratonin to control what ails me. and to learn how to get past my tendency to check, double and triple plus check things in our home, on my own. i'll be in search of new and natural routes to get past this personal hurdle. 
so with that said, my withdrawal symptoms have pushed me to give up driving for the week since i haven't felt comfortable behind the wheel atm. therefore, ellis , charlie and i have walked literally everywhere around our wee town. which , when you're using two feet and a heart beat {as my good friend heather put it the other day} , this town does not seem so wee! 
today we clocked in 4 hours of walking ! my body is loving it - the pounds are coming off. 
but today was a great day - the boys and i were out of the house by 930 and at the local rink for ellis' sport ball program. after that, because of the gorgeous warm weather, we stopped for a slurpee and a play at a park. then onwards home with a pit stop at my parents home and a chat with a lovely friend of mine. 
after we were home for a few hours and got in a little nap, i noticed a big ol' sunburn on my chest and back. sneaky sunshine. 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

summer ?

did spring completely skip over us here in alberta and mother nature go straight to summer ?

it was may 4th , my dads birthday , and whilst they ventured off to europe to meet up with my brother and his wife, we took full advantage of a summer day.

communities in bloom pancake breakfast with friends. a bike ride and a walk. building a gazebo. bon fire. steak and salads. good conversation. ice cream and raspberries. sparklers. most of the day spent at the park and in the backyard. and all with four beautiful children that did not fuss once. not once.

here are some hilights of the day.

Friday, 3 May 2013

a moment.


These days, I feel like a woman on a mission. I don't know what's going on with me but I feel like I have been given a hypothetical kick in the ass to sort stuff out.

My husband and I have been reassessing our spending and budget in an effort to rid us of any debt load. We are committed to this and it means a few changes in our lives and alterations in our thinking.
Now, as far as things go, we do pretty well. We live pretty comfortably and still manage to get in a mini vacay here and there. But, after looking at where our money is going {or not going - for that matter}, i've decided to not include saving up for an iPad in my 29 by 29 list. Nor have I decided to hit up Starbucks multiple times in a week. Those mini dates with Ellis and Charlie were easily eating up $30 a week, I'm sure. Shh , don't tell my husband.

On top of this, I've become less dependant on my massive truck to get around our wee town and instead, have opted for a more old fashion mode.. walking!! I'm definately noticing a difference in the waist region since I have started to walk more. Which will be a bonus for me since I'm determined to kick this extra 50lbs of baby weight off { yes, you heard right.. 50lbs! i have 50lbs to lose...50lbs! 50lbs!! whatevs, its just 50lbs!} and look stellar for a wonderful wedding we are attending this summer out in Ontario. I have a dress I'm dying to wear and gosh darn't, I'm going to this summer!!

As well as cutting out starbucks, walking more, not saving up for items we don't need {yet}, I have become an informed consumer. It really bothers me when I run out of formula for my son and have to fork over $20-$30 for a 900g brand name canister of baby formula that lasts me one and a half weeks only to see a canister sitting beside  it of the store brand version at half the price. So, I have become informed and learned that name brand { ie. Similac and Enfamil } formula is no more nutricious than store brand {ie. Presidents Choice} formula. I don't want to pay for these name brand company's marketing and research, free samples they give out to medical doctors to endorse their product . All hail the generic brand formula!! and all hail me and my $15 i saved today when i bought PC's formula !!

In Canada , there is an act that requires all companies distributing and manufacturing infant formula to follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for Infant Formula. All formulas must contain, at the very least, the minimum amount of nutritional supplements and not exceed the maximum amount of nutrient standards that an infant requires. The manufacturers must comply with the compositional requirements as set out in the FDR for infant formulas.  The only real difference is the recipe and some of the ratios of ingredients. If you are interested in learning more of what's in your baby's infant formula, click on this wikipedia link that will go into it a little deeper.

So, hopefully, you've taken the time to read this blog post, become slightly more informed or made aware of different options out there and enjoyed the rest of my blog {{or at the very least , learned how to save yourself a few dollars!!}}.. we appreciate your time!!