Tuesday, 5 March 2013

the perfect vacation.

i am on the perfect vacation.
there are a lot of different versions of a perfect vacation for me..
but this one is taking the cake.

my husband rented us a ski condo for 8 days in our favourite community
of kimberley,b.c.
we can ski in/ski out on this gorgeous, quiet mountain resort. hot tub after the boys' long day on the hill. enjoy a lovely lunch at the stemwinder and hit the town for some shopping and delicious coffee from the bean tree. 
this place is what feels to us as a second home.
we camp here in the summer, have begun an annual ski trip (or 2) here in the winter and all the time in between we'll be thinking of how and when we'll get out here next.

this vacation brings to mind the term " my cup runneth over".
ellis was put on skis two days ago by his daddy and we haven't been able to get him out of them since.
we wake up to "let's go skiing!" and go to bed with "tomorrow, lets go faster!" 
and then the whole time he's out there with ry , all he can say is " can i go by myself now?"

i dont know if i could be more proud of this little guy. he's managed to exceed any expectation i had of him learning to ski. and ever since ryan and i have been together , planning our life as parents, we always knew we wanted our children to be ski bums. i know part of that is because its a fantastic family activity and the other part is to continue on a memory of a man that i never met but whom our children seem to possess certain qualities of. 

the only complaint i have is that this chick doesn't know how to ski well enough to take ellis out myself and leave daddy with the babe. next year! 

but, its family time and i think we're hittin' up the hot tub while charlie naps... 

i'll leave you with a few photos..

captain underpants #5. bedtime staple.

riding the magic carpet.


bunny on the bunny hill.

here we go...


faster than a speeding waistband!! 

too cute.

the one and only crash landing in the net.

first T bar ride with daddy!! "can i go by myself?"

there they go!

gearin' up again.

up,up and away...

on their way down. 

and again...


view from our big balcony. Teepee Mountain in the middle , above Wasa Lake. Our family goal is to climb that and sign the book at the very top just like Grandpa Ted and Uncle Dick. 

breakfast of champions.  for supper, a coronary.

off they go after a little break at the condo.

the only photo of yours truly on this trip... gawd!

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