Thursday, 28 March 2013


gosh. the days go by so fast right now. i dont know if its because winter is finally giving way to spring. or the days are filled with more and more activities that keep us occupied making memories.
whatever the reason is, things are flying by.
ellis is getting taller, growing into such a bigger boy than i'm ready for. size 9 shoes gave way to size 11  and we are down to 2 pairs of jeans when we had a plethora of options before. he comes up with some serious zingers these days that he says to women.. {in all seriousness} "you look beautiful" "ally,i think i'm going to marry zoey" "do you think her dad will say its ok?" "my cheeks are connected to my cheek bones and my ankles are attached to my ankle bones".
charlie is getting bigger and his coos are now giggles and gasps. he's growing out of every single piece of clothing we own for him and before i know it, he'll be rolling over and eating solids.

life is such a joyous event and even though we have had some bad news 4 weeks ago, we looked past the negative and keep moving forward. focus focus focus. remembering that this is all we get and why waste it. our bad news wasn't such a personal situation but it affected a close personal family to us. people that we cherish and enjoy and who's children we've watched grow up with our own and love all the same. it was a serious wake up call.

{anytime,anywhere anything can happen to anyone.}

so to bring this dreadful sounding blog entry up to some cheerful sunshiney-ness, i wanted to share
two of my absolute favourite books i have found this year {besides the captain underpants books - particularly # 7 and all its disgustingness!!! if you are a mother of a boy whom you have to read to everynight and he adores toilet/booger understand and feel my pain.. joy} .

do you journal? i do..but i don't. i believe in journalling. i love journalling. i feel that its important to journal atleast a little bit. i have multiple journals. and most especially, i have GREAT intentions of journalling. but i suck at it. i dont know how to write about my day unless i get down to every last detail just incase my future great great grandchildren find my old withered journals and can't understand what my day entailed by a small summarization of events. even as a blogger i find it really difficult to start a blog post ,&when to end it, what to include and what to edit. its a battle.. i think that's why i blog; because it forces me to practice the art of writing whether i completely obliterate all rules of literature and writing comprehension. so i dont use capitals and i throw in an extra ; or {} or .. whatevs. sometimes its just easier to type how i'm speaking in my head. bah. BUT. let us rejoice in these two journals. go straight out to your nearest bookstore and purchase!

the top book is for YOU. it gives you prompts each day of the year. one question a day. answer it and that's that. some are fun, serious, strange, and at times very tough to answer. but its FAN-EFFIN-TASTIC. GET IT. go. NOW. But wait! Don't forget the second book for your children. ONE per CHILD. TRUST ME.

this book is a hoot. and it is SO hard not to just keep asking Ellis his question of the day. some of the stuff he comes up with for his answers leave Ryan and I laughing our butts off. It is a great way to start conversations with your kid. I usually wait till Ryan is home to do this, I want him to hear the answer firsthand and I ALWAYS write down Eli's answer the way he says it. Thats very important. Because as the years go by (its for 3 years, unlike the adult version that lasts 5) you'll get to see how they have improved and grown and all that gooshiness. thus allowing you to lock in all their growth into a book that you can keep forever and have a good laugh at some of the funny answers. Ok.. now go get them.. Go! Shoo!

PS.{They are something like $20 each..  }

PPS.{Read below for a few of Ellis' answers and maybe one or two of mine, to get an idea of what these books are all about!}

PPPS. {the white hearts on the 5 year journal are stamps that i got carried away with when making cards...}

February 18 "when were you brave?" i was brave in a story that mommy told.

January 28 "when you look in the mirror, what do you see?" my whole self.

January 06 "if you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?"  to hawaii. around the block by myself, too.

February 24 "when do you feel peaceful and calm?" when i'm napping. 

One of mine...

"Whats the last dream you remember?" I had a dream about worrying if i was going to graduate or not because i didn't want to go to my last math class at QMS. 

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