Sunday, 10 February 2013

lil' bit of this

lil' bit of that

this is me, on a regular day. i'm a total thumbs upper. and a peace sign giver. why just 
yesterday, in the grocery store parking lot, i was about to park my behemoth of a truck 
when an older man walked thru my parking spot to his vehicle. there, i waited for him to throw his single bag of groceries in his vehicular device and when he shut the door and jumped out of the way, i threw him a huge thumbs up. AND HE DID THE SAME! high-4 !

at "wing it" for dinner after a full day shopping for toilets, trim, casing,
and a compressor. we refused to make dinner and decided on some deep fried goodness.

i'll shoot you with my laser beam. {at his second birthday party of the year}.

adventures in juicing, day 4. kiwi on the left, orange and carrot on the right.
we've even juiced cranberries {turn your face inside out!} , blueberries
and strawberries. {DELISH*} strawberries make the most beautiful pink hued juice.
ellis is a BIG fan of juiced carrots with apples. YUM-O!

basil, chives and parsley growing in our window sill during this sub zero winter of ours.

i needed to get crafty one afternoon while ry took my big guy sledding
and my baby was sleeping. i busted out the glitter and some cardstock and 
dug in. this is what i came up with. it took all of 10 minutes and satisfied my glitter tooth {???}

making valentine's sugar cookies!!! we ate them all..... :S 

THE best books EVER. i'm not a very good journal-er. i start doing it and then i get bored of it and stop. but this book will surely keep me on track with its one question a day. thats just enough for me. and ellis has really gotten into his book , and always asks me for his "question of the day" and whatever he says i write down.. pretty funny. we even gave this as a gift to his buddy C last week. 

daddy made french toast this morning!!! DOUBLE thumbs up!

charlie at "wing it" . i get such a kick out of these jammies ryan bought him. 

charlie is a drool machine! teething has began, and he's just 3 1/2 months!! time flies.

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