Sunday, 10 February 2013

lil' bit of this

lil' bit of that

this is me, on a regular day. i'm a total thumbs upper. and a peace sign giver. why just 
yesterday, in the grocery store parking lot, i was about to park my behemoth of a truck 
when an older man walked thru my parking spot to his vehicle. there, i waited for him to throw his single bag of groceries in his vehicular device and when he shut the door and jumped out of the way, i threw him a huge thumbs up. AND HE DID THE SAME! high-4 !

at "wing it" for dinner after a full day shopping for toilets, trim, casing,
and a compressor. we refused to make dinner and decided on some deep fried goodness.

i'll shoot you with my laser beam. {at his second birthday party of the year}.

adventures in juicing, day 4. kiwi on the left, orange and carrot on the right.
we've even juiced cranberries {turn your face inside out!} , blueberries
and strawberries. {DELISH*} strawberries make the most beautiful pink hued juice.
ellis is a BIG fan of juiced carrots with apples. YUM-O!

basil, chives and parsley growing in our window sill during this sub zero winter of ours.

i needed to get crafty one afternoon while ry took my big guy sledding
and my baby was sleeping. i busted out the glitter and some cardstock and 
dug in. this is what i came up with. it took all of 10 minutes and satisfied my glitter tooth {???}

making valentine's sugar cookies!!! we ate them all..... :S 

THE best books EVER. i'm not a very good journal-er. i start doing it and then i get bored of it and stop. but this book will surely keep me on track with its one question a day. thats just enough for me. and ellis has really gotten into his book , and always asks me for his "question of the day" and whatever he says i write down.. pretty funny. we even gave this as a gift to his buddy C last week. 

daddy made french toast this morning!!! DOUBLE thumbs up!

charlie at "wing it" . i get such a kick out of these jammies ryan bought him. 

charlie is a drool machine! teething has began, and he's just 3 1/2 months!! time flies.

no blog posts :(

Saturday, 9 February 2013

great expectations

here in good ol' alberta, we've been blessed with not one but two chances to see Oprah. 
i was lucky enough to go to her edmonton show. i went with my mom.
it was fantastic. for her birthday and at my husbands persistence, i rented us a car service to our evening wtih Oprah and requested champagne. we arrived in style and returned in style. our driver , though not an O fan, was great and he managed to navigate around and through the crazy traffic and horrendous driving conditions that make up a bustling prairie city. 
it was an evening away from my husband and children... three people i'm attached to at the hip .. but a night out that made every second away from them worth it.

getting ready, i said to my husband and mom that i felt like i was getting ready to go out on a first date.
i wanted to look good, wanted my hair just right , and had butterflies in my tummy. ha! 

there were a lot of lessons to be learned. a lot of laughs to be had. an experience that you can walk away with large tid bits of knowledge and a huge smile on your face.
a bucket list item for my mom , a once in a lifetime chance for me, and we walked away smarter women with a new found love for Ms.O and a richer understanding of who we are and will become in life.

the next morning, my mom asked me what i learned from our evening out. at first, i wasn't certain what stood out the most in my mind until i realized that searching for my purpose in life was something that i've been trying to do for a long time with no avail. then my mom set it out for me. she said i need to continue my artwork. and i think she's right. there's something about my mom and her ability to have the right answer to everything. sometimes you dont want to hear it (cue memories of being a teenager) but as an adult, i seek her answers. {and my dads! of course}

so while i persevere through my days as a new mom to two boys and a wife to a super husband, i'm going to start getting back to my artwork and selling it in my etsy shop once again. i don't have big expectations of myself for this endeavour..i have great expectations. there is something about being a creative and artistic person that makes life a little more difficult to navigate. not only are you just trying to manage your way through everyday life but to pursue a creative career and fulfill your minds desire to have an outlet that lets those creative juices flow regularly is a lot of work. it seems so easy but inspiration either comes easily or its just not there. period. housework, raising children and general life can really slow that process down. but nevertheless, miss oprah has inspired me to persevere!

i've started a different series of prints that will be available in my etsy shop before easter. prints inspired by the quote "joy rising". they will be fun and frivolous and worthy of a spot in anyone's home.

peace out.

oh wait... ya'll need a little photo love....

a fuzzy me at the "evening with oprah". 
the beginning of a print.