Wednesday, 2 January 2013

new years resolution

Happy New Years <3 Cheers!!

i love new years. i love that its become a time of renewal and refreshing yourself. its a feeling that i wish would come more than once a year. then maybe i'd be able to stick to my new years resolutions a little bit better.

it makes me laugh when people say, "i'm not making a new years resolution because i break it every year". well, i still break my resolution every year and yet, i still feel the desire to make a resolution.
this years resolution is to make sure everyone on my list gets their birthday cards on time.
and my second resolution is the inevitable weight loss. roll your eyes, you might. but i truly do have a large amount of weight to lose this year to get back to my comfortable body. my pregnancy put a halt on a lot of activity for me this past year and my body is just craving to get back to normal. and i'm dying to drag this ass out of my lululemons and wear a decent pair of jeans or leggings. not to mention, my 200$ boots don't even fit my calves.. what's with that!?

today, ellis and i did some impromptu exercising {charlie cheered us on from the comfort of the couch}... jumping jacks,stairs,push ups,leg lifts, lunges, etc.
it was fun. he was totally into it. i was into it. all i asked of myself was that i broke out into a sweat.
because anything sweat inducing is better than what i was previously doing.. which was nothing. ha.

not only is it something that i need to do for myself. i need to do this for my kids and husband. the muscle loss i suffered is pretty evident. it takes a lot of effort to get up from the floor when my ab muscles are barely there and walking long distances is a challenge when it used to be no problem. i'd hate to see what i look like trying to go for a run..let alone what i'd feel like afterwards. so, getting back in shape will make me mentally a better parent and wife.

but thank god i have this little guy to offer up some love when momma's gonna need it...

free hugs , you say ? c'mere charlie banks!!!

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  1. I have two (well three but one is a secret :P). One is for Don and I to finally write our will and the other is to learn how to either knit or crochet!

    Charlie is SO adorable and looks just like you!!