Sunday, 2 December 2012

"charlie's arrived!"

we made it.
it's our due date and we made it.
it felt like we were never going to get here and yet, here we are.

more specifically, here charlie is.

Charlie Banks Hopkins
born 6lbs 5oz at 6:31pm on Halloween
5 weeks premature.

and here is our birth story.

week 34 ended with visits from ryan's parents and week 35 began with the arrival 
of my mom. at the early request of ryan, my mom came down to help out and to 
ensure that she was here for the birth of her 3rd grand son!

so mom made it down that same afternoon. and quite frankly, i'm not sure what i would have done if she hadnt arrived. my in laws were leaving and my weight gain {water weight} was exploding and my mobility was becoming very compromised. everyday activities were becoming increasingly difficult. 

on the 30th, i had a routine doctors visit that mom drove ellis and i to. upon arriving , the office was full with pregnant bellies, all waiting for the same doctor to show up. we were in for an hour wait. 
routinely, the receptionist checks your weight and then you head in. so, she called my name and i stepped on the scale. i knew i was in for a shocker of a number but what i wasnt prepared for was the receptionist asking me to verify my name.. and then look at me questioningly and back at the scale. 
yeah, you've got the right lindsey. yes thats my weight on the scale. yes, i did gain 21lbs in 2 weeks since my last visit. no, i'm not sitting around eating ice cream and french fries. yes, i am aware that thats not normal. the question is, is my doctor going to do something about it. 
and she didn't. all i got was a " what happened" and a "try to keep your feet up". 

i left the doctors office feeling upset, tired, fed up and ready to induce this labour on my own.

i was to come back in one week to begin weekly visits. and to what? show another 10lbs on the scale and a further lack of my doctors concern on whether or not my weight gain was going to ring some alarm bells.

mom picked me up after my appointment and we headed for the nearest health food store to find some labour inducing tea. ha. 

 that afternoon and three cups of rose hip tea later, i made the decision that once ryan came home from work , we were headed to the hospital for a second opinion. 

lo and behold, once we arrived at the hospital , the nurses and resident doctor examined me - i was 2 cm dilated and my edema in my legs was alarming to them. so i asked if they could induce me right then and there.. they kindly declined but understood how i could be looking to get on with this pregnancy.  we were there a total of 3 hours, they ran plenty of blood work and urine samples then asked us to come back in the morning for the test results. 

i have to say that we went home feeling reassured that something was questionable and that we would be okay if after all the exams and tests, if they told me that everything was okay and to wait it out.

but, that wasnt the case... and we knew that in our hearts. 

the next morning, mom and ellis dropped me off at the hospital and headed out for lunch. 

it wasn't long till i was calling mom and asking them to head back to the hospital because i was being admitted and an induction was imminent. at 11:55am, i messaged ryan "Hurry!" and by 1pm , he was at the hospital with mom , ellis and i in our private room. the test results came back with large amounts of protein in my urine, extremely high blood pressure and of course, my extreme swelling. it was clear, that my condition became a concern to all of the nurses who were in charge of mine and charlie's care.
i was being diagnosed with preeclampsia. a condition that had me taking magnesium sulphate thru IV to prevent my chances of having seizures and potentially causing brain damage or death for me or charlie. things were serious. 

not long after ryans arrival , did auntie r show up to take ellis home and get him ready for his evening of trick or treating. being that halloween has been one of my favourite holidays for a very long time, i didnt want him to miss out on it. and from what i hear in the neighborhood, he was having a pretty good time collecting that good ol' halloween stash! {fyi: he was scooby doo!} 

around 330, things started to move along. i was getting pressure and it was beginning to become painful. the nurse was checking to see if i was dilated, but couldn't find the cervix. it wasn't for lack of experience, 25 years in her job and she had to make the call to get my doctor in to make sure it wasn't the head she was feeling. {turns out she was "off" a little and it wasn't until an hour and half later that she really was feeling charlie's head and i was fully dilated.} around this time, the doctor broke my water and i will happily state that i will never ever wish to have that again. oy vey. 

 i stayed calm and relaxed and at the advice of my sister, didn't waste my energy on yelling or screaming like some of the other women i heard that night giving birth. {now that would scare you out of birthing a child }  but once it became too much, i told my nurse  and ryan that it was time for the epidural. within a few minutes, the anesthetist came in and administered the epidural. but little did we know or prepare for, that my body would start having an adverse reaction to the drug and i started to become faint whilst having contractions during the process and would have to be pumped full of epinephrin. my blood pressure dropped completely, they couldn't find charlies heart rate and my nurse was on the intercom rushing for more nurses and was a mess. but charlie and i managed to get back on track, and within a half an hour and a few pushes, sir charlie was born. daddy cut the chord and my mom doted on him and me . it was one of the most magical moments.

they whisked him off to the nicu , since he was still considered preemie and from there i was put on the mend. from here on in, it was 3 days of monitoring, high blood pressure medicine, and feeding charlie. i  spent two days on the obstetrics ward until they thought my blood pressure was under control. then transfered to post partem for two nights where my amazing husband bought us the private theme room where you get better food and WAY nicer beds! 

all in all, there is more to go into detail with. but this story is long enough for you to read and covers the basics. it was a long road and i'll never ever see that doctor again. but in the end, we received a beautiful prince into our family and i would do it all again just for him. 

Welcome to our little slice of the world , Charlie. You have blessed us with more love than you know!

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  1. Brought tears to my eyes!! Such a traumatic experience but the end result is so worth it. He's beautiful as are you Lindsey. Congrats again to you Ryan and Ellis!! Thank you for sharing <3