Thursday, 6 December 2012

a birthday party

master ellis is turning 4 on the 27th. and if i didn't have enough on my plate already with a new baby and christmas right around the corner, im planning the most stellar 4th birthday party for him and his little friends for the first week into the new year. 
this is something i know that i don't have to do and parents all over are probably shaking their head at me with the thoughts that i'm crazy. but this handsome little devil never got a 3rd birthday and it's been eating me up all year. so i plan on hitting this one out of the park! 

{see below for a pic of ellis' 2nd party}

but i do have to put it out there that last year, on his 3rd birthday, we were driving home from vancouver island after spending christmas with family and ellis turned a new leaf and suddenly was potty trained! he said to us "mommy,daddy, i have to pee"
ryan replied wtih " can you hold it buddy? i have to find somewhere safe to stop"
"ok daddy, i'll hold it then i can pee on the tire".
as long as he could pee on the tire that trip, he was happy and we were happy to  oblige because a 12 hour plus ride in the snowy weather on the coquihala with a grumpy toddler was not our idea of fun! and that was it! no more daytime diapers for him!! 
but speaking of fun! this 4th b'day party is going to be a hit ! we're not only going to have awesome decor and pressies for him, were going to hire a balloon artist that does face painting! 
this will be a spectacular event!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

mommy i want a cape

"charlie's arrived!"

we made it.
it's our due date and we made it.
it felt like we were never going to get here and yet, here we are.

more specifically, here charlie is.

Charlie Banks Hopkins
born 6lbs 5oz at 6:31pm on Halloween
5 weeks premature.

and here is our birth story.