Tuesday, 23 October 2012

third trimester cravings ?

11:19pm, and two cups of apple sauce later, i think i might now be ready for bed.
as you can see, i'm not interested in posing nicely for photos. especially when my tastebuds are screaming out for the sweet cold taste of apple sauce, its past my bed time, and i'm in my whatever pjs can accomodate my massive bump. 
but ,i didnt think there were cravings to be had this late in the game. i chalked the third trimester up to two things : nesting & swelling. 
{this photo doesn't really do justice to the massive amounts of swelling i've encompassed the last three months but you can see a bit of it in my hands.. }

did anybody else crave anything into their third trimester ? 
leave a comment below to share your story.

until next time ya'll... i'm off to finish my cup of apple sauce and drag my swollen self up to bed where it takes 4 pillows and an ipod to get me off to sleep. gotta love being pregnant...  <3

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