Tuesday, 23 October 2012

third trimester cravings ?

11:19pm, and two cups of apple sauce later, i think i might now be ready for bed.
as you can see, i'm not interested in posing nicely for photos. especially when my tastebuds are screaming out for the sweet cold taste of apple sauce, its past my bed time, and i'm in my whatever pjs can accomodate my massive bump. 
but ,i didnt think there were cravings to be had this late in the game. i chalked the third trimester up to two things : nesting & swelling. 
{this photo doesn't really do justice to the massive amounts of swelling i've encompassed the last three months but you can see a bit of it in my hands.. }

did anybody else crave anything into their third trimester ? 
leave a comment below to share your story.

until next time ya'll... i'm off to finish my cup of apple sauce and drag my swollen self up to bed where it takes 4 pillows and an ipod to get me off to sleep. gotta love being pregnant...  <3

Sunday, 14 October 2012

chef ellis and his diy play doh

first things first, take cute photo.  

line up all ingredients.

{adults are in charge of the boiling water tho!}

divide and conquer. 

squish in hands to mix colours. 

add more food colouring for desired effect. we went for pastel.
note: little hands don't mix as well as mommy hands. but this is the kids job. not yours.

this version of play doh keeps in a ziplock container for weeks.
cheap and easy!

and if you need to get rid of the food colouring from your little one's hands... sugar and lemon juice rub will help !


Saturday, 13 October 2012

we're almost there.

this pregnancy is coming along quite well, i have to admit.
but all throughout there's been the not-so-quiet discussion of when 
baby charlie {yes,thats his name!} will arrive. let it be known to the public 
that no one has any faith that i'll make it to my due date. i secretly think i might..
but let me tell you, i knew what i was doing up until 3 weeks ago. then like a light switch was
flicked on,  a whole new world called the "3rd' trimester blasted through my front door and 
smacked me in the pregnant rump. 

i was not prepared. at all. nowhere near.

let me list all of the things i missed out on with my last pregnancy with ellis and now get to revel in
while await a certain someone's arrival..

1. pelvic bone/muscle separation. 
2. gas..  yeah thats right, i toot. but only when i'm pregnant.
3. nesting. or should the word be purging? 
4. HUGE ass. we're talkin' a whole new meaning to "baby got back".
5. SNORING. mind you, the current state of ellis' and i's health is probably
a major playing factor in the snoring department but seriously... i'm waking up
ryan... little does he know that i endure his snoring with lasting hope that i'll just fall into a deep sleep
with the rhythm of his nasal music. but i guess his level of patience is lower than mine and it seems he's thankful we have a couch long enough for his frame.
6. crazy sleep habits. while i'm no stranger to napping through my pregnancies the last couple of weeks
things have been getting out of hand. a full nights sleep, only to wake up , feed my child and throw on scooby doo and get another 2 hours shut eye. ridiculous. low iron could be the root of this issue which ,  yes, it has been addressed. but we've yet to see some improvement. until then, i'll be thanking the heavens for a Mr.Hanna and a Mr.Barbera 
7. and how can i forget , water retention causing carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist (and the ever so sexy, sausage ankles)
probably second on the pain in the ass scale next to my pelvic bone pain..  

so in light of all this, i'm really only 7 weeks away now. i'm sure i can handle this small list of third trimester woes and yes, i do realize there are women out there that endured far worse than this.
i'm just sayin' , this is all new to me. 

now let me list all of the things i miss about not being pregnant..

1. my small ankles..
2. being able to paint my toes.
3. the $15 i would have if i didnt have to pay someone to paint my toes for me.
4. being able to get in and out of our truck like a regular person. instead of falling out and hoping
i dont twist my sausage ankles on the way down.
5. shoes. we are down to a pair of crocs, flips flops and slippers. 
6. socks. i can wear them but only if i want a really sexy sock line that makes it look like i had someone else's normal size feet transplanted onto my cankles. 
7. running at night.
8. the rest of my wardrobe..
9. being able to roll around on the floor with ellis without having to think about how i'm going to get back up .

surely there are more things i could list..

this pregnancy makes me laugh. i remember sitting at the computer one day while my hubby and i were
awaiting the time when we could see the results of our quest to get pregnant and looking up maternity jeans. i was dead determined to be one of those stylish skinny pregnant biatches and was going to order me some hot little skinny jeans. well, for those of you who know me , skinny isnt a word i would describe myself post or pre pregnancy.. more like curvy with a set of hips enough to shake shakira into submission. but never the less, i was going to get me some skinny jeans.. well i hadnt worn a pair of jeans until this september (28wks) and let me tell you... there has got to be a better way to produce a pair of jeans for a pregnant chick without making her look like she had to drop herself on a bolt of denim and hope to hell there's enough elastic banding to get that waist band around her ever growing baby bump and ass. i just about died in the fitting room.... but i bought them anyways.. they were 60% off. i'm not sure if it was my inability to resist a sale or if i so desperately wanted to have a pair of jeans for this pregnancy that i just had to have them.. 

please note. no photo will be posted of said jeans nor of author in said jeans. 

well.. thats enough of that. i'm 33 weeks in. less than two months to go and all of this will be
behind me while ryan and i clamor to find the energy and resources to provide a routine for 
two rowdy boys. in the meantime , its been christmas crafting and home renovation for the last month and soon i'll have some photos and diy's!