Friday, 7 September 2012

fall is craftings favourite season!

and with fall arriving comes fall crafts!!!
halloween crafts, christmas crafts,
science experiments with master E and
gift making!!!

it's my favourite time of year.
i have been craving this type of weather for months now, wishing the summer
would take a hike and give me some reprieve from its stifling humidity and heat.
and now it has!!! many thanks and blessings to mother earth!!!

first on the list though..
we have the blanket i've been crocheting for baby. it's nowhere near done but its coming along nicely.
it'd be even nicer if i remembered to count my stitches.. ha. 
then at the same time , i need to start on my craft swap that i'm doing with my old school mate carmen.
she runs a fabulous blog herself on design.. i'll link up with her soon. it's too late for me to start searching and though that's in bad taste for me to just not do it.. i'm really wanting to go sit and watch late night boob tube and eat the chocolate fudge jello pudding thats calling my name. 

what are you working on? seriously!? post a comment.

i'd like to do a giveaway soon...
what do we think of that ?
i've done a couple new gouache prints that i've gotten a kick out of..maybe it'll be one of those.