Thursday, 9 August 2012

cinnabon eat your heart out.

ellis and i spent one whole morning getting 60 cinnamon buns ready for neighborhood distribution.
every once in awhile i feel the urge to bake something in a big batch and share them with friends and family.
these were budget friendly and left us with plenty to share! 
the recipe i used from one of my favourite food magazines {the food network} had a delicious recipe for the glaze!
the surprise to this was that it calls for a quarter cup of strong coffee to mix into the icing. {delish}
it's pretty sweet, so i would use it sparingly next time..but with a big glass of milk and a date with your toothbrush and floss for afterwards, you'll be safe to indulge your sweet tooth! 

{recipe by request}
we had a birdy in our garage! and he was very tame. but mind you, ever since we put our little bird house up in our back yard that my uncle made, these birdies are in love with our wee home and aren't very shy. but unfortunately, i think this little guy was injured and needed a place to rest. we left for the day after trying to coax him out of the garage  but he hid from us , so we left him a bowl of water and a few crumbs of bread. he was so cute. ellis named him "birdy". 

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