Thursday, 9 August 2012


Gouache[p](/ɡˈæʃ/French: [ˈɡwaʃ]), also spelled guache, is a type of paint consisting of pigment, a binding agent (usually gum arabic), and sometimes added inert material, designed to be used in an opaque method. It also refers to paintings that use this opaque method. The name derives from the Italian guazzo, and is also referred to as opaque watercolor or bodycolor (the term preferred by art historians


a few months ago, ellis and i were in the paint department of michaels and i remembered a post from one of my absolute favourite blogs :

Gouache blog post that made me try this art medium.

now that you've gone and checked out my very favourite "go to for inspiration" blogs..  and are about to head out to your nearest craft store, coupon in hand to purchase your own set of gouache paints .. just scroll below and you'll see what i came up with. 

i brought home a box of gouache paints and finally last night i decided to give this a try.
normally, i get really very frustrated when it comes to painting and don't like the results i usually end up with {esp. when it comes to oils and acrylics. }
but the watery flow that you can create with gouache and still achieve an opaque look  is what drew me in. the possibilities seem endless. i spent 5 hours yesterday playing around and even  got my little guy in on it. 
budding artist ? maybe! 

the nice thing too, is that i was able to draw out my sketches and incorporate some great shading techniques with the brush by using as little or as much water i want, letting my art come to life way more easily than i can with acrylics. { but that can be my lack of proper instruction and the effects of a self taught artist }. 

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