Monday, 27 August 2012


in approximately two weeks, my master ellis begins his school career. 
nothing really prepares you for this moment , i dont think. maybe its because we've been too busy travelling between bc and alberta or i've been sleeping away the summer in order to speed up the arrival of fall weather. {don't curse me, i'm 26 weeks pregnant and sweating like a pig - bringing new meaning to the term "swoob"}.
but i'm not really ready and i'm so ready at the same time. i'm scared i'm going to miss doing something vitally important , like take that first day of school photo or put him in just the right outfit for me to remember for all of our years. and this moment is going to come and go so fast , how am i ever going to  hold onto these years that gave me the sole purpose of ensuring he was ready for his moment to spread his wings in high pre school .. did i teach him good manners, will he remember to just be himself, will he finally say his ABC's in full without skipping the last half to get straight to the fancy chorus line ??? 

i guess i will find out. but thankfully,the teacher has requested that there be two parent teachers per school day... and i'm in charge of the sign up sheet. 
{insert name EVERYDAY!} 
...maybe he'll still snuggle me in class... nah, i'm the cool mom. i dont need snuggles cuz he'll be too busy playing with his buddies ... 

note to the teacher, if you see someone sniveling in the corner surrounded by tissues and purple glue sticks, craft paper and crayons.. its me, suffering from separation anxiety while my child blossoms into a thriving young person aiming for his PhD in rocket science. 

and to think. i'm going to have to do this again in 4 years. oh dear...

do they have parent helpers in elementary and high school ?

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

wishi washi

who loves washi tape? i do! i do! 
who has more washi tape than they know what to do with ? i do! i do!
who doesn't care and still continues to buy more because they love it so? i do! i do!

here's my latest collection of washi tape that i bought in anticipation of being the "journalizer" for master E's pre-school class this year!! woop woop!!

wishi washi

Thursday, 9 August 2012


Gouache[p](/ɡˈæʃ/French: [ˈɡwaʃ]), also spelled guache, is a type of paint consisting of pigment, a binding agent (usually gum arabic), and sometimes added inert material, designed to be used in an opaque method. It also refers to paintings that use this opaque method. The name derives from the Italian guazzo, and is also referred to as opaque watercolor or bodycolor (the term preferred by art historians


a few months ago, ellis and i were in the paint department of michaels and i remembered a post from one of my absolute favourite blogs :

Gouache blog post that made me try this art medium.

now that you've gone and checked out my very favourite "go to for inspiration" blogs..  and are about to head out to your nearest craft store, coupon in hand to purchase your own set of gouache paints .. just scroll below and you'll see what i came up with. 

i brought home a box of gouache paints and finally last night i decided to give this a try.
normally, i get really very frustrated when it comes to painting and don't like the results i usually end up with {esp. when it comes to oils and acrylics. }
but the watery flow that you can create with gouache and still achieve an opaque look  is what drew me in. the possibilities seem endless. i spent 5 hours yesterday playing around and even  got my little guy in on it. 
budding artist ? maybe! 

the nice thing too, is that i was able to draw out my sketches and incorporate some great shading techniques with the brush by using as little or as much water i want, letting my art come to life way more easily than i can with acrylics. { but that can be my lack of proper instruction and the effects of a self taught artist }. 

cinnabon eat your heart out.

ellis and i spent one whole morning getting 60 cinnamon buns ready for neighborhood distribution.
every once in awhile i feel the urge to bake something in a big batch and share them with friends and family.
these were budget friendly and left us with plenty to share! 
the recipe i used from one of my favourite food magazines {the food network} had a delicious recipe for the glaze!
the surprise to this was that it calls for a quarter cup of strong coffee to mix into the icing. {delish}
it's pretty sweet, so i would use it sparingly next time..but with a big glass of milk and a date with your toothbrush and floss for afterwards, you'll be safe to indulge your sweet tooth! 

{recipe by request}
we had a birdy in our garage! and he was very tame. but mind you, ever since we put our little bird house up in our back yard that my uncle made, these birdies are in love with our wee home and aren't very shy. but unfortunately, i think this little guy was injured and needed a place to rest. we left for the day after trying to coax him out of the garage  but he hid from us , so we left him a bowl of water and a few crumbs of bread. he was so cute. ellis named him "birdy".