Monday, 23 July 2012

the summer can slip you by

there are times this summer i have found myself waiting for the heat to pass and the humidity to drop.
on more than one occasion i have resorted to cold showers and standing topless in front of my relic 
{ but in excellent working condition despite numerous drops }fan and even buying a kiddie pool with the excuse that its for my son when really i used it to sit in in the evening heat to bring my pregnant body temperature down . and then tonite while going back and forth from my instagram/iphoto album and the weather network's tornado alerts for our area, i realized.. this summer has been quite gorgeous. here's my proof.. and the credit goes to my biggest boy ellis who chose all the beautiful flowers for his mommy to plan .. bless him.

{*on a side note: these fleurs have tripled in size since i planted them a month ago. }

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