Thursday, 26 July 2012

summer wreath

today i decided it was time to finally do my summer wreath for our front door.
i haven't been able to change out our front door yet to a new door with a window in it. 
{my husband says soon!}
therefore, it needs a pinch of help.. and i didn't want to spend all day working on it or glueing it together. i wanted a fast yet satisfying project!!
so while my bubba played with his play doh , i rummaged through my fabric scraps to come up with 
this little wreath..simple and sweet..

this was a super easy wreath, and i used no glue and made it in half an hour.

{ supplies }
different scraps of fabric that work together. approx. 1/2 yard for the full wreath
pair of scissors.
foam wreath form
handful of bead tip pins.
front door.
wreath hanger.

{ steps }

cut thin strips of fabric from your largest piece of fabric.
wrap around wreath form. secure with pins.
continue all the way around.

for the bow.
take a wide piece of fabric. fold into rectangle.
layer a smaller piece of fabric, folded as well, over top.
wrap a thing strip of corresponding fabric around to shape the bow.
secure to wreath with pin.
be sure to hide the pins beneath the folds of fabric. 
attach a piece of fabric at top to hang it .
place on door.

{{ admire }}

what does your summer wreath look like ?!?!

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