Saturday, 28 July 2012

poor little pepper goes camping.

poor little pepper was invited camping with a few of her friends. they all shared a huge tent and spent their days basking in the sunshine by the lake and evenings fireside roasting marshmallows. but at night, when it was time to wash up and hit the hay .. pepper's nerves got the best of her. walking into the bushes to take a pee before bed, she would grab her bear whistle and lantern and head out a a few meters from their campsite. it was bad enough that she was scared of the dark and unwilling to share that tidbit with anybody else but the weekend before they had gone to the movie "the grey" as a group and ever since they set up camp, pepper has been waiting for a wolf to jump out of nowhere. and not to mention, they ran into the forest ranger and he mentioned that bears were in the area and to take precautions , also noting that whistles don't really scare off bears. well she was damned if she was going to throw out her whistle now...

does pepper make it back from the woods alive? or does a wolf or bear jump out to greet her mid potty break ?

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