Tuesday, 24 July 2012

bump alert.

this boy says it all! 

bump alert! bump alert! 
it's a boy!!

a couple of weeks ago we found out we are having a boy.
and we all couldn't be happier!!! 

here's the latest on the bump of greatness:

babes heart rate : 134
cravings : nothing in particular.
aversions : salad.. do not want salad. at all. i've bought 3 bags of salad and they've gone to waste. each of them. still hating on the raw meat smell, as well.
since my last post, i've purchased a petunia pickle bottom scout diaper bag, aden + anais swaddlers and sleep sack. a couple of teething toys and a rattle. 
the prognosis on my blanket that i've been crocheting for this little guy is 20% done. mommy's gotta get her ass in gear. 
no morning sickness. 
fatigue hits in if i don't have a good sleep.
i still have crazy dreams. 
my bump is HUMONGOUS. so much so that i'm not too willing to take many photos.
and i've got swelling in my cankels.
ryans felt the baby move! 
ellis talks to his baby brother thru my belly button and helps mommy out by scratching my itchy belly for me. 
now i've been planning the babes room and thinking of boy names.
it's very hard to choose a boy name that matches up to the greatness we feel is "ellis".

{happy times!!!}

love to you all.
...masterchef is on... i'm going to sit down and watch it with the hubs and eat my homemade protein bar that i made... recipe to follow soon! ...

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