Saturday, 28 July 2012

poor little pepper goes camping.

poor little pepper was invited camping with a few of her friends. they all shared a huge tent and spent their days basking in the sunshine by the lake and evenings fireside roasting marshmallows. but at night, when it was time to wash up and hit the hay .. pepper's nerves got the best of her. walking into the bushes to take a pee before bed, she would grab her bear whistle and lantern and head out a a few meters from their campsite. it was bad enough that she was scared of the dark and unwilling to share that tidbit with anybody else but the weekend before they had gone to the movie "the grey" as a group and ever since they set up camp, pepper has been waiting for a wolf to jump out of nowhere. and not to mention, they ran into the forest ranger and he mentioned that bears were in the area and to take precautions , also noting that whistles don't really scare off bears. well she was damned if she was going to throw out her whistle now...

does pepper make it back from the woods alive? or does a wolf or bear jump out to greet her mid potty break ?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

summer wreath

today i decided it was time to finally do my summer wreath for our front door.
i haven't been able to change out our front door yet to a new door with a window in it. 
{my husband says soon!}
therefore, it needs a pinch of help.. and i didn't want to spend all day working on it or glueing it together. i wanted a fast yet satisfying project!!
so while my bubba played with his play doh , i rummaged through my fabric scraps to come up with 
this little wreath..simple and sweet..

this was a super easy wreath, and i used no glue and made it in half an hour.

{ supplies }
different scraps of fabric that work together. approx. 1/2 yard for the full wreath
pair of scissors.
foam wreath form
handful of bead tip pins.
front door.
wreath hanger.

{ steps }

cut thin strips of fabric from your largest piece of fabric.
wrap around wreath form. secure with pins.
continue all the way around.

for the bow.
take a wide piece of fabric. fold into rectangle.
layer a smaller piece of fabric, folded as well, over top.
wrap a thing strip of corresponding fabric around to shape the bow.
secure to wreath with pin.
be sure to hide the pins beneath the folds of fabric. 
attach a piece of fabric at top to hang it .
place on door.

{{ admire }}

what does your summer wreath look like ?!?!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

bump alert.

this boy says it all! 

bump alert! bump alert! 
it's a boy!!

a couple of weeks ago we found out we are having a boy.
and we all couldn't be happier!!! 

here's the latest on the bump of greatness:

babes heart rate : 134
cravings : nothing in particular.
aversions : salad.. do not want salad. at all. i've bought 3 bags of salad and they've gone to waste. each of them. still hating on the raw meat smell, as well.
since my last post, i've purchased a petunia pickle bottom scout diaper bag, aden + anais swaddlers and sleep sack. a couple of teething toys and a rattle. 
the prognosis on my blanket that i've been crocheting for this little guy is 20% done. mommy's gotta get her ass in gear. 
no morning sickness. 
fatigue hits in if i don't have a good sleep.
i still have crazy dreams. 
my bump is HUMONGOUS. so much so that i'm not too willing to take many photos.
and i've got swelling in my cankels.
ryans felt the baby move! 
ellis talks to his baby brother thru my belly button and helps mommy out by scratching my itchy belly for me. 
now i've been planning the babes room and thinking of boy names.
it's very hard to choose a boy name that matches up to the greatness we feel is "ellis".

{happy times!!!}

love to you all.
...masterchef is on... i'm going to sit down and watch it with the hubs and eat my homemade protein bar that i made... recipe to follow soon! ...

Monday, 23 July 2012

the summer can slip you by

there are times this summer i have found myself waiting for the heat to pass and the humidity to drop.
on more than one occasion i have resorted to cold showers and standing topless in front of my relic 
{ but in excellent working condition despite numerous drops }fan and even buying a kiddie pool with the excuse that its for my son when really i used it to sit in in the evening heat to bring my pregnant body temperature down . and then tonite while going back and forth from my instagram/iphoto album and the weather network's tornado alerts for our area, i realized.. this summer has been quite gorgeous. here's my proof.. and the credit goes to my biggest boy ellis who chose all the beautiful flowers for his mommy to plan .. bless him.

{*on a side note: these fleurs have tripled in size since i planted them a month ago. }