Wednesday, 6 June 2012

my little farmhouse.

i may never live on a farm  { a. i don't do manual labour all that well . b. i hate early mornings. c. i dont want to smell cow $**t first thing in the morning and d. i like having my neighbor a literal hop skip and a stumble away from me if i need a can of mushroom soup or a minute to gossip about the dope dealin' neighbors } .  so in my imagination tonite to induce a restful sleep, i'm going to plop myself under that cherry tree, with a cozy blankie and the rest of the 3rd installment of the girl with the dragon tattoo and peacefully soak in the spring sunshine and release the feeling of nausea, gas, and constant thirst and fatigue. so good night to me and  good night to you. may you sleep peacefully sans the sound of screeching car tires or skateboards hitting the pavement from your under age, disrespectful , punk headed crack dealing neighbors. and for those of you in alberta, may you not be woken from your slumber in the middle of the night from gale force winds and golf ball size hail {or dreams that make you think you've made an exchange with your neighbors because your pregnancy is off the rails this time around } and enjoy your own acreage of solitude , whatever or wherever that may be.


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