Monday, 25 June 2012

a lovely chalkboard


finally we have finished our kitchen chalkboard!!!
as you can see i had to give it a try with a little bit of scheduling for the week. there's a lot of dog poop to be picked up thanks to our mini wolf pack.

this was a super fun project. it was something different and very functional for us !

here's how we did it , in a round-about-kinda way.

step 1: buy some mdf , chalkboard paint and primer from local hardware store. cut to size. 
step 2 : get husband to router edges and fancy it up a bit, if desired.
step 3: get some primer. any old primer seemed to do the trick!
step 4: get toddler to roll on primer in a well ventilated area, ie. open garage.

 step 5: let primer dry.
step 6: find an old brush or roller for your chalkboard paint.

 step 7: brush on first coat. move fast and evenly. and make sure ALL LINT IS OFF.
step 8: let dry. leave an hour.
step 9: repeat step 7.

leave for 24 hours to cure.

you have your chalk board!! 

sorry for any holes in my instructions, this baby has currently blown a hole in my brain and i am not remembering everything i should these days. and a second apology for the blurry "finished project" photo. <3 

happy chalk boarding! 

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