Tuesday, 19 June 2012

campfire chocolate chip cookies.

cookie dough over the campfire.
really.. need i say more. probably not, but i'm going to anyway.

these were the easiest things to make. EVER. grab a tube of cookie dough. $3 at sobeys.

spray your cast iron sandwich maker with a little vegetable oil of the aerosol variety. {this is where i assume you already have / or a cast iron waffle maker}

then throw in a hunk of dough and let your husband sit and flip the sandwich maker and occasionally check for dark browning on each side.

then DIG IN... but mind your tongue and fingers, they get pretty darn hot.

serious business.
even though the cookies were a pretty big highlight of our trip..
here are a few other moments from our recent camping trip a few hours south of our home.
the weather was decent. the fishing was slow. and the mosquitoes have started to emerge.
but the hopkins crew made the best of it and loved every minute of it. 
daddy and son / ellis post playing in the lake in his jeans and boots.

kina and sir whatley
trout fishing is serious business.

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