Tuesday, 19 June 2012

bump it up.

chubbin it up baby bump style! 

here's a wee update on this bump-a-roo. we're at 16+ weeks. 
in 3 weeks we find out the gender.
cravings : popsicles. penny candies. orange juice. navel oranges.mr.noodles and pizza pops. 
basically the diet of a college freshman.
aversions : raw meat smell. tomato sauce. the garbage sends me runnin'. and chocolate basically rips my intestines apart.
emotions are running at an even keel. 
nausea is under control, i think. preggie pops are working.
i feel like we're having a girl .
the baby kicks now and then but sometimes its hard to decipher between
gas and a kick.
and i've only bought two diaper caddies and three onesies. 
however, my aden + anais swaddlers and sleep sack are on their way.
and i'm more tired than i've ever been in my life. 
and the weirdest thing of all is i didn't think my dreams could get any crazier.. 
but they've definitely crossed the line since this pregnancy has progressed.
and it's not like its crazy fantasy dreams or the usual nightmare. these are whacked out , crack job type dreams. i can def. do without them.

there you have it. 
the bump is underway and growing everyday.

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