Monday, 25 June 2012

a lovely chalkboard


finally we have finished our kitchen chalkboard!!!
as you can see i had to give it a try with a little bit of scheduling for the week. there's a lot of dog poop to be picked up thanks to our mini wolf pack.

this was a super fun project. it was something different and very functional for us !

here's how we did it , in a round-about-kinda way.

step 1: buy some mdf , chalkboard paint and primer from local hardware store. cut to size. 
step 2 : get husband to router edges and fancy it up a bit, if desired.
step 3: get some primer. any old primer seemed to do the trick!
step 4: get toddler to roll on primer in a well ventilated area, ie. open garage.

 step 5: let primer dry.
step 6: find an old brush or roller for your chalkboard paint.

 step 7: brush on first coat. move fast and evenly. and make sure ALL LINT IS OFF.
step 8: let dry. leave an hour.
step 9: repeat step 7.

leave for 24 hours to cure.

you have your chalk board!! 

sorry for any holes in my instructions, this baby has currently blown a hole in my brain and i am not remembering everything i should these days. and a second apology for the blurry "finished project" photo. <3 

happy chalk boarding! 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

crochet and craft inspiration.


bump it up.

chubbin it up baby bump style! 

here's a wee update on this bump-a-roo. we're at 16+ weeks. 
in 3 weeks we find out the gender.
cravings : popsicles. penny candies. orange juice. navel and pizza pops. 
basically the diet of a college freshman.
aversions : raw meat smell. tomato sauce. the garbage sends me runnin'. and chocolate basically rips my intestines apart.
emotions are running at an even keel. 
nausea is under control, i think. preggie pops are working.
i feel like we're having a girl .
the baby kicks now and then but sometimes its hard to decipher between
gas and a kick.
and i've only bought two diaper caddies and three onesies. 
however, my aden + anais swaddlers and sleep sack are on their way.
and i'm more tired than i've ever been in my life. 
and the weirdest thing of all is i didn't think my dreams could get any crazier.. 
but they've definitely crossed the line since this pregnancy has progressed.
and it's not like its crazy fantasy dreams or the usual nightmare. these are whacked out , crack job type dreams. i can def. do without them.

there you have it. 
the bump is underway and growing everyday.

campfire chocolate chip cookies.

cookie dough over the campfire.
really.. need i say more. probably not, but i'm going to anyway.

these were the easiest things to make. EVER. grab a tube of cookie dough. $3 at sobeys.

spray your cast iron sandwich maker with a little vegetable oil of the aerosol variety. {this is where i assume you already have / or a cast iron waffle maker}

then throw in a hunk of dough and let your husband sit and flip the sandwich maker and occasionally check for dark browning on each side.

then DIG IN... but mind your tongue and fingers, they get pretty darn hot.

serious business.
even though the cookies were a pretty big highlight of our trip..
here are a few other moments from our recent camping trip a few hours south of our home.
the weather was decent. the fishing was slow. and the mosquitoes have started to emerge.
but the hopkins crew made the best of it and loved every minute of it. 
daddy and son / ellis post playing in the lake in his jeans and boots.

kina and sir whatley
trout fishing is serious business.

Friday, 8 June 2012

time for a photo post.

the boys caught their first trout of the year <3
master bedroom photo niche.

successful beach photo that doesn't show my swiftly growing baby bump of chub.

hello kitty gel nails done special for my trip to hawaii.

shrimp truck in haleiwa. ry and i were starving!

my sister in law caught me in action. actually, i really like taking photos
like this. way more fun that just smiling. ha.

my scampi plate. best rice in the world. TDF.

world renowned matsumoto's snow cones.
& of course the handsomest hubs ever! look at those guns. ;P
{and u can kinda see my baby chub here.. lol}

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

my little farmhouse.

i may never live on a farm  { a. i don't do manual labour all that well . b. i hate early mornings. c. i dont want to smell cow $**t first thing in the morning and d. i like having my neighbor a literal hop skip and a stumble away from me if i need a can of mushroom soup or a minute to gossip about the dope dealin' neighbors } .  so in my imagination tonite to induce a restful sleep, i'm going to plop myself under that cherry tree, with a cozy blankie and the rest of the 3rd installment of the girl with the dragon tattoo and peacefully soak in the spring sunshine and release the feeling of nausea, gas, and constant thirst and fatigue. so good night to me and  good night to you. may you sleep peacefully sans the sound of screeching car tires or skateboards hitting the pavement from your under age, disrespectful , punk headed crack dealing neighbors. and for those of you in alberta, may you not be woken from your slumber in the middle of the night from gale force winds and golf ball size hail {or dreams that make you think you've made an exchange with your neighbors because your pregnancy is off the rails this time around } and enjoy your own acreage of solitude , whatever or wherever that may be.