Thursday, 24 May 2012

oh..that's not how babies are made?

time is a beastly thing.  it comes and goes so fast and not very often do we have 
something to show for it. 
i do!

it's been 12 weeks and 2 days.
just call me

that's right. we did it again.
against all my arguments of why we don't need to have another child, my husband
smiled and gave me a kiss and WHAM-O! just like that, he impregnated me.'s true. i didn't want to have another child. but then again, i didn't like banana's in my smoothies till my husband started sneaking them in.
it wasn't my son that caused my concern of having a second child, it was my fear of ensuring that
this second child received just a good of childhood as i provided for ellis (yes i know, *pat myself on the back*) being that it was just ryan,ellis and myself. and on top of providing a wicked childhood, would ellis still continue to receive the attention and adoration that i've bestowed upon him the last 3 1/2 years. my answer is a hopeful {but with a hint of fearfulness}, YES.

so lo and behold my heart is smitten with the idea and actuality of a second bebe in the hopkins household. and thankfully, so are our family members. not that their was doubt but i'm still a little shy around the fact that my parents know for sure that we are doing the deed! 

with all that said, i should explain that a round of nausea and serious fatigue slapped me in the ass and i dropped all matter of activity that would put me in the "decent housewife" category thus leaving my poor husband to pick up my slack while i stuffed popsicles and oranges down my throat. let it be noted that my dear mother in law totally prepared her oldest son for this.. he can cook,sew,iron,clean, kiss booboo's and look good doing it. she also reminded him that i'm "gestating!" and "she needs her rest" . 
bahahhahaha. too funny. gestating... 

so thats that big news.. i'm having sex and apparently thats how babies are made! 
sorry mom and dad..  :P