Monday, 26 March 2012

the "play with" series

what an exciting time for me.
{just a wee bit of bragging here, you can forgive me after you read this post. ;P }
things have been coming together wonderfully here at the
hopkins compound.

the renovation in the bathroom is nearing completion {minus the shower since thats a much larger project than anticipated but we can live with showering in our sons bathroom.the point is that the sink is in,the tub and floor are tiled, the new toilet installed and the walls are painted and wainscotted.}

spring is shaping up.

i've done some wonderful crafts. {march's craft of the month is in there and will be posted as soon as i take some pictures}.

i'm feeling good and our holiday is quickly approaching.
and on top of all this, i found something that truly makes me happy in terms of an income producing project. MY ARTWORK.
its slowly blossoming but there are some big plans in the works for it. but here is a look at whats come thus far...

to purchase any of these prints : The Joyful Owl Etsy Shop

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  1. How much are you selling them for? I may need the weiner dog one for Genevieve's room.