Monday, 26 March 2012

the "play with" series

what an exciting time for me.
{just a wee bit of bragging here, you can forgive me after you read this post. ;P }
things have been coming together wonderfully here at the
hopkins compound.

the renovation in the bathroom is nearing completion {minus the shower since thats a much larger project than anticipated but we can live with showering in our sons bathroom.the point is that the sink is in,the tub and floor are tiled, the new toilet installed and the walls are painted and wainscotted.}

spring is shaping up.

i've done some wonderful crafts. {march's craft of the month is in there and will be posted as soon as i take some pictures}.

i'm feeling good and our holiday is quickly approaching.
and on top of all this, i found something that truly makes me happy in terms of an income producing project. MY ARTWORK.
its slowly blossoming but there are some big plans in the works for it. but here is a look at whats come thus far...

to purchase any of these prints : The Joyful Owl Etsy Shop

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

i play with rhinos.

8.5x11 art print, "i play with rhinos" , original pencil drawing, digitally coloured.
this would look super cute beside "i play with bees" in your little girls room. or fun artwork for her bathroom.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

i play with bees.

i play with bees.

a quick look back on the past year.

meeting bunnies at the petting zoo. 
finding our shadows. 
making our way through a flooded trail in fish lake.

tall,dark and handsome. xo


a moment frozen in time.

nature took its course.

man after my own heart.

we're normal..we swear.

best of friends.

he finds the sweetest things to share with me.

we added to the family.

our family what seems to be our second home, fish lake, near nordegg ab.

Friday, 9 March 2012


today i had a "really?!" moment. i got nasty and rude and dropped that filter that people normally have between their brain and their voice box. case in point. it took me nearly two months to get my husband to get fitted for my brother's wedding as he's a groomsmen. today, we made it. it was first on the list. get there, and it felt as soon as i opened my mouth , confusion spread across the salesmen's face and i knew from there, it was all down hill. sure enough it was. to make a long story short, they had all kinds of wrong clothing set aside with my brothers information on it and with no explanation of anything except to mistakenly tell me to come back another day. then and there, i looked at the two associates who suggested this and said " i do NOT think so. i am not coming back here. we are here now, what can't we figure out? this shouldn't be difficult." ooooh i got nasty.. i got real nasty. normally, if it was innocent mistakes and didn't seem like a total F up then i'd be like " hey, thats ok. i understand". but when somebody looks at me and tells me to come back when in the first place he wasn't willing to put in the effort to help my husband and i get this fitting taken care of, or when i'm telling you my brother didn't order these items of clothing with visual confirmation from him thanks to iPhones that he didn't, or to tell me that the other groomsmen had no problem getting his fitting done because he probably had different information then me when I'M THE SISTER of the groom.... you have got a problem on your hands. and that he did....

i was aware of how nasty i was being at the time. but were they aware of how ridiculously incapable they were making themselves look?

so really?!? next time, do your damn job. thats what your there for , and if you aren't, i'm sure there's plenty of people who could use it that would just have to put in the minimum effort to exceed the job you did today of putting your customer first.