Saturday, 25 February 2012

shh..its craft time.

wow. i did it. i got him to fall asleep this afternoon. master e doesnt really technically nap anymore.
we are officially a big boy. we big boy pee, big boy poop, we wear big boy party pants {you probably call them underwear..}, we do big boy things. but that big boy is having a big boy nap right now and i'm 
doing some big girl crafts. whats that? you want to know what i'm crafting..? why, i'm making origami paper cranes! why? you ask. obviously , to make a paper crane mobile for my craft room. duh, you knew that. 

on a different, it is one blistery cold snowy blizzard of a day here in beaumont. there's about 2 feet of snow and it's not slowing down. ry got called out to fix power for the oil field and will be home in about 2 hours. we've made some serious progress in the bathroom renovation. and our bedroom is 99% complete. we have 5 pieces of baseboard/trim to put up. i'll post pics later. super exciting.

and to give you an idea of whats coming up in march..

{ i've teamed up with a local store , frogs n'fairies , to offer my readers and their shoppers a fantastic coupon. stay tuned..}

{more of poor little pepper is on it's way..}

{craft challenge for march will be posted in a couple of weeks..}

{and on a personal note, i'll get to see my parents }

{and a post on my progress for lent.. find out what i've given up!
i'll be surprised if i make it.}

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