Wednesday, 1 February 2012

JANUARY's Craft {lazy susan redo}

take apart your lazy susan. flip upside down and use necessary tools.
 {i'd tell u the name of those tools but i'm not sure what i used.. socket wrench?}
then sand it down with a fine grit sanding paper till it feels smooth and soft.
you don't want it to look shiny and glossy or else your paint won't white wash properly.

what you need : ikea lazy susan, acrylic craft paint of your choice, old bowl, old cloth
two foam brushes, mod podge (not shown),tintable glaze, (and optional gold leaf paint).

i chose to do a chevron design. 
so after i white washed my lazy susan. i taped off my chevron stripes.

paint inside the tape with gold leaf paint or second paint colour choice. 
let dry 5 minutes, lift paint and continue to let dry.

{white wash how to : 1 part tintable glaze, 1 part white paint. mix.
brush on LS. wipe down excess with old cloth. let dry. or repeat until desired look is reached}

this is the finished project.
once it's had a chance to dry over nite, use Mod Podge Gloss Waterbase Sealer
to give it a smooth coat using a wide foam brush. Let dry.

TA DA!! 

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  1. I saw this on Pinterest via lilblueboo and thought it was a great progject!

    I love your gold chevron!!