Wednesday, 8 February 2012

heart day is coming. heart day is coming.

i love valentine's day.
the decorations and the chocolates.
the colours.
the love!

feeling inspired by the upcoming holiday..
and enjoying a rare moment of bliss while my son
napped. {not that life isn't bliss when my son is awake but..well, these napping moments are muy muy few and far between.}
i created this :

i am in <3 with this heart garland. it's super easy and looks super beautiful. and if you are a closet minimalist which i am but
you'd never know it.. { i heart too many pretty things } 
this is the perfect valentine project! it's neat, tidy, and out of the way. and took all of 30 min to make!

here's what you need :
masking tape { or japanese washi tape }
piece of card stock
a wack load of felt in your favourite heart day colours
bakers twine or embroidery floss
fabric pen

here's what you do:
1. draw a heart on the card stock in a size you like.
2. cut it out.
3. trace heart with fabric pen onto felt.
4. cut out.
5. repeat as many times as you want.
{i did it 30x}
6. run a VERY long piece of twine to your desired length.
7. temporarily space out your hearts along twine.
8. tape hearts in desired spots along twine.
twine should be between tape and felt heart.
{note: tape twine as close to the top of heart. this ensures that they will hang nicely against your wall}
9. repeat till you have finished all of your hearts.
10. hang heart garland where it will spread the most joy and love!

here's some extra joy to spread your way:
the horse, kina. 
the mooch, whatley 
a felt heart magnet i made a couple of years ago that just keeps hang in' around
all year. 

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