Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Frogs 'n Fairies - local and lovely!

Spring is on it's way but it's showing up early in the product lines at Frogs 'n Fairies.
 Beaumont,Alberta's very own children/maternity boutique! Put together by three fabulous ladies, two sisters and their momma ; these women have blessed this town with a store full of wonderful goodies that make gift giving easy , back to school shopping simple and help you fill your home with products that make you smile. 
And it certainly shows that this trio have styled this store with such precision and thoughtfulness for their customers that you can't help but want to spend copious amounts of time just perusing all the cutesy girl things and the rad little boys items. { Half of Master Ellis' christmas stocking was full of goodies from this store! and not to mention, the day before we left for a 13 hour drive to vancouver island , i made an emergency stop in to pick up their head bands to keep my sons head up when he falls asleep in his car seat! Life/time saver!}

Read on to see what these fabulous gals have to say for themselves and their successful new endeavour !

who are you? 2 sisters and their momma who all love fashion and kids (Paige, Brandi & Lori)
what is your store name? Frogs n' Fairies Boutique
 9 Coloniale Way, Beaumont AB, T4X 1N7  (780) 929-9225

how did you come up with it? mom's inspiration. a little bit of boy, a little bit of girl
what is your store about? unique and trendy clothes for unique and trendy babies, kids & prego momma's!
what is your favourite product in the store? our Rock Your Baby brand - we're the first store in Canada to bring in the line (from Australia), our TImi & Leslie diaper bags & Joyfolie shoe line (also one of the first to bring to Canada)
what do you think is different about your store compared to other kids stores? we don't want you to just be "another customer". we want to know your name, we want to know your kids names
what is to come this spring for your frogs and fairies fans?! lots of great new lines!
did you overcome any challenges opening the store? waiting for stock. we had to delay our opening by over a month due to stock not coming in on time and we missed the Back To School rush
how are you juggling motherhood/personal lives and the new store ? it has worked great. we see each other ALL the time so picking stock for the different seasons is easy & fun. mom (aka grandma) looks after the kids while Paige works. we're a great team :)
what would be your best piece of advice to somebody who was venturing into the unknown of opening
their own storefront ?
ask ALOT of questions from other retailers. we were fortunate enough to know a few people in the retail industry and their advise was invaluable
what is the future of frogs’n’fairies? bigger & better! we will constantly strive to find and supply the best and cutest of everything

there are too many things to choose from !! i totally want to buy one of those 
little tutu's hanging in the window , just to have one to look at! they also sell aden + anais swaddling blankets , a new mothers must have item!! and on top of that, those time out mats are too funny! 

so to make your shopping at Frogs 'n Fairies even more fun head on over 
to the joyful owl's facebook page and "like" it. and on the wall, leave a message with your email address and i will email you a coupon for a special discount on your next shopping experience at Frogs 'n Fairies!! 

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