Tuesday, 28 February 2012

finding inspiration to lose weight.

i am patiently awaiting the arrival of spring. it doesnt help that we just received a massive dump of snow in two days putting us several feet under the white stuff... which increases my impatience for blooming flowers and dewy mornings. so in the meantime, i've renewed my membership to the gym and the childrens day centre in hopes of shedding 20lbs by the time my brothers wedding rolls around in may.
i'm sitting at a whopping 154lbs. the highest weight i've been (not including pregnancy weight..which i will admit had me involuntarily reaching for the 200 lbs mark - i was a beast of a pregnant lady thanks to the week long  iv i had that pumped fluids through me at a remarkable rate that the housekeeping at the hospital couldn't keep up with replacing the toilet paper ). but anywhoozle. 154lbs hey.. yup... 154lbs. what to do..

well a. i've been working out with that 100 days of exercise sheet  { i've gotten to day 20 i think now..}. b. i have been focusing on drinking LOTS of water. (the toilet paper usage has increased , yes...) c. i have been trying to focus on eating healthier. so this is where Lent comes into play... for lent this year, i gave up baked goods and starbucks. one will be easier on my husbands pocket and the other will be easier on my hips. 

i've also decided that i need to be accountable for the food i'm eating. so i've started using loseit.com 
and i've got the app on my phone.  on top of that i've given myself a deadline.

my deadline : may 1st 2012. 
my realistic goal : to be a max. weight of 130 lbs.

then there are two habits i have chosen to work on replacing by may.
i understand i have a sweet tooth. but before i dive into that piece of cake or chocolate bar, i'm going to practice reminding myself that my body doesnt deserve refined sugars and that it would probably prefer an apple or some organic yoghurt.i'm going to give myself a healthier option.

the second habit, instead of purchasing meals out while spending the day shopping or in the city - i'm going to pack snacks/lunches to curb those cravings for a wendy's burger. this one will be easy for me because i know how crappy i feel afterwards.. 

another change i'm making has to do with my fitness routine. i'm taking my cardio to the next level. instead of finding a pace i'm comfortable with on hte treadmill and staying there for half hour, i'm doing intervals of 1min run, 1min jog/walk, etc. i did this today for the first time and i burned 238 calories as opposed to my regular 150ish calories on a half hour jog. that's improvement , especially when it comes to calorie counting.

and my last attack move for losing this weight is : i'm just going to keep moving and being honest with myself. as long as i'm doing this for me and not being sedentary, then my mind will remain focused on the end goal and before i know i'll be maintaining my goal weight and rockin' all the hot new clothes and bathing suits i'm dreaming of . 

so if you are challenging yourself to lose weight and need a friendly ear to talk to, leave your comments and messages here. tell me your inspiration and what your own personal tips and tricks are to losing weight or maintaining your ideal size. or if you need someone to be accountable to, i'm here! 

to get you thinking about motivators and inspiration .. here's a little board of fun things i thought of that i know i want to wear without worry come may! share yours! 

ps. the nail polish,shoes,bag,iphone cover and blush ..i'm aware i dont need to lose weight to rock those. i do have both of the nail polish and let me tell you, tart deco (top) by essie is THE cutest!! 

{photo credit : leopard print tank,bathing suit, blue  jean skirt, grey hoodie and turqoise shoes c/o jcrew.com
one sleeve tunic and white leather bag, rebecca taylor. grosgrain flats, tom shoes. blush stick clinique. 
sunglasses, rayban. and iphone cover, kate spade.}

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