Wednesday, 29 February 2012

actually i don't hate my body.

lately, there's been a lot of conversation about body image..
it's in the locker room at the gym,it's on the internet, it's on my blog, it's everywhere..

my girlfriends and i talk about it a fair bit and sometimes i hear myself saying...
"yeah i hate my thighs" "yeah i hate the way my muffin top hangs out there"..

well i've made up my mind.
i'm not going to say anything bad about myself anymore.
and neither are YOU.

i believe in the power of positivity.
i believe in being grateful for what we have.
and it looks as though i have been contradicting my own beliefs.

so from here on in..

i'm going to try and catch myself before i say something about how i dont like the way i look or feel. 
i should be lucky for my health, lucky for my self esteem and lucky for my strength as a woman. i want to project a body image of health and strength so i will continue to work on toning and firming up but without getting down on myself for not losing weight quickly. all in good time. for me, it's about lifestyle choices not quick fixes to six pack abs. 

i went to a home jewellery party once and my aunt was there. the conversation 
was headed in the direction of our body image and such. my aunt stopped us and said "lets all say one positive thing about ourselves". and the air was sucked out of the room. in front of 8 or so women, we all came up with something but it wasn't without difficulty for all of us. 

why was it so hard? 

but i left that party feeling like my aunt was right, we should say something nice about ourselves everyday or so. i would think it would get easier wtih practice.

that night, i said that i'm thankful for my curves because it was being pregnant with my son that earned me them. i still believe that but maybe a bit more today then i did before.

now go say something positive about yourself.

{i will rock this bathing suit again before i leave for hawaii in may!}

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