Friday, 6 January 2012

poor little pepper spills a shake.

last nite, poor little pepper, had a rough nite at work. it's her second job. and she hates it. loathes it. despises it. but because her day job doesnt make her any money, she has to wait on tables to pay the rent and keep milk in the fridge. (ha.)but last nite, she had had it with herself.. pepper was given a table full of hot guys. trying to be a super waitress and flirt all at the same time ..she spilled a drink from her tray.. this time.. it was a strawberry milkshake. it flew right from the tray and landed on the lap of the guy she had her eye on. insert sarcasm and read : way to go pepper! to top it off, she grabbed a cloth and started to help the hot guy clean up his lap. like,seriously!?? he had to tell pepper he had it under control. so, like a total nerd, she ran away and sobbed in the back embarassed beyond belief. she gave the table to her friend ginger..  ugh. 

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