Wednesday, 18 January 2012


"an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness orannoyance when confronted with delay:"

this is something i do not have. ask my husband, he'll tell you.
a week before christmas, a conversation between the two of us goes something like this :
"where did you go shopping for me for xmas?"
"i'm not telling you!"
"why not?"
"because xmas is in one week"
"just one hint"
"i love you"
"i'll tell you what i got you"
"you first"
"just a hint!"

and so on and so forth.
basically you could replace the word "xmas" with : birthday, mothers day,fathers day (maybe not),hannukah,rosh hashanah, martin luther king jr day {which happens to be tomorrow!},valentines day, easter, etc..
you get the picture.

but this is NOTHING compared to the frustration I feel when i'm working on a craft project when A} it doesn't go the way i thought it would, B} i'm missing a material integral to the completion of the project,  or C} i have to wait for something to dry . WHICH brings me to the current project that i've been dying to share with you ..

i've been boasting on Facebook that i had a fabulous project to share. it's a version of a MUCH simpler project that i was looking forward to doing . but on a quest to ikea it brought me no such luck in finding the materials for the aforementioned project. leading me to a brilliant idea of thinking i can build my own...which i can & which i did! { hello to starting the new year off with new skills and confidence!} 
but let me point out , the easiest part of the project has turned into the HARDEST part.
the spray painting... the primer has yet to leave enough layers in parts of the wood that would stop the main colour from seeping into the wood ... so far it's been 5 coats of primers and a hard layer in patience..
i promise! by sunday, i'll have it up and running!
it's going to be a difficult wait for me.. but by sunday this darn project will be up for sharing! 

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