Wednesday, 18 January 2012

my latest discovery

along a long road by frank viva

ellis and i were out shopping today. we had a couple of gifts to find for birthdays and valentine's.
but while my master navigated the wooden rails of the thomas train table at the back of the store and i was on a mission to find a new robert munsch book..i found THIS little jewel! 

i'm a sucker for artwork that is limited in its colours and feels a little exaggerated. 
this is a super fun book. meant to be a 35 foot long continuous piece of art. {i'd love to do this as a theme for ellis' room as he gets older!!}

admittedly, i didn't buy this book as i had other things on the budget for today
{two birthday gifts, valentine's gifts supplies, groceries, gym membership and children's day centre punch card} but i do have plans to purchase this for the master for valentine's day! 

it's quite a gem. 
not only that, it's very own website is a gem itself !!

 do check "along a long road" out because if your child loves to point things out while you drive,walk,run,bicycle{:D} along then this is definitely a book your wee librarian will welcome with wide open arms.

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