Saturday, 7 January 2012

dental disaster.

i am two words.a DENTAL DISASTER. 
i have been having this extreme dental issue since before christmas holidays.
my teeth have been the bain of my existence for almost a month now and I'm about ready to smash my head against a brick wall. 
one ENTIRE bottle of tylenol extra strength and half a bottle of extra strength ibuprofen. dentist prescribed tylenol 3's and medicentre doctor prescribed pain killers since the t3's couldn't do their job. 
my liver and gut are practically kicking my own ass trying to tell me that "enough is enough". believe me dear liver, i am doing my best to avoid the drugs but its like labour pains in the mouth. literally. not just labour pains, BACK labour pains. just give me the god damn epidural , already!
alas though, tomorrow i have a dental appointment to have my wisdom tooth pulled {of said dental disaster}.but please somebody explain to me why my dentist has decided that only until i begin complaining is it the best time to take it out. you saw it there a year ago and could've avoided me this whole dental debacle.
BUT. getting my wisdom tooth pulled is not going to solve all my dental issues. there is the one little issue of a certain filling that was done three days ago that made matters worse. i basically have the worst dental luck, EVER. i do believe a root canal is in my future. that'll be just awesome. seriously. i mean, truly awesome.
look, i'm no dental hygienic angel.. i've gone all day without brushing my teeth. and as for flossing, it took about 10 years for me to finally make it a habit. {now i'm like a crack addict with flossing.. i crave the feeling of the waxy floss between my teeth and can't wait to see what junk i manage to find on the string.. gross i know.... but nobody said crack was a clean habit either} 
so.. wish me luck for tomorrow. and lets hope this dentist gets his shit together or my shit together for that matter because needless to say, my hands are tied unless i pull a tom hanks in "castaway"...

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