Thursday, 26 January 2012

just a word of advice.

do NOT. i repeat, do NOT. open your eyes when 
getting a root canal done.
i don't care if it takes 2 hours or more {which it does}.
do NOT open your eyes.
for if you do, you will see strange and terrifying objects moving towards your
mouth and near your eyes. 
it will cause involuntary movement resulting in your trying to make your
way off the dentist chair . which is a bad idea since you are practically lying upside down and thus will land on your head. causing severe brain injury and said root canal will be the least of your worries.
ok.. thats a bit impractical.
but seriously. you do not want to open your eyes.
just keep them closed. just keep them closed.
this is exactly how i looked this morning during my root canal.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

100 days of exercise.

if you want your own copy of this very cool list of 100 days of exercise. email me at :
{currently good ol' copy and paste might have to do until i get all these links to my email figured out... or just throw me a comment below! - i <3 comments!!!}

113 days till my brothers wedding.

does this mean i can't eat anymore cookies ?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

while the husband sleeps.

pretty well 5 out of 7 nites of the week , my husband falls asleep on the couch. some nights i snuggle up to him. other nights i sneak up to the craft room and diddle around. this is what came up the last couple nights..
the wee village
its not much. but it was fun to make. it's a digital sketch using my wacom bamboo craft pen and touch system. super fun. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

my latest discovery

along a long road by frank viva

ellis and i were out shopping today. we had a couple of gifts to find for birthdays and valentine's.
but while my master navigated the wooden rails of the thomas train table at the back of the store and i was on a mission to find a new robert munsch book..i found THIS little jewel! 

i'm a sucker for artwork that is limited in its colours and feels a little exaggerated. 
this is a super fun book. meant to be a 35 foot long continuous piece of art. {i'd love to do this as a theme for ellis' room as he gets older!!}

admittedly, i didn't buy this book as i had other things on the budget for today
{two birthday gifts, valentine's gifts supplies, groceries, gym membership and children's day centre punch card} but i do have plans to purchase this for the master for valentine's day! 

it's quite a gem. 
not only that, it's very own website is a gem itself !!

 do check "along a long road" out because if your child loves to point things out while you drive,walk,run,bicycle{:D} along then this is definitely a book your wee librarian will welcome with wide open arms.


"an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness orannoyance when confronted with delay:"

this is something i do not have. ask my husband, he'll tell you.
a week before christmas, a conversation between the two of us goes something like this :
"where did you go shopping for me for xmas?"
"i'm not telling you!"
"why not?"
"because xmas is in one week"
"just one hint"
"i love you"
"i'll tell you what i got you"
"you first"
"just a hint!"

and so on and so forth.
basically you could replace the word "xmas" with : birthday, mothers day,fathers day (maybe not),hannukah,rosh hashanah, martin luther king jr day {which happens to be tomorrow!},valentines day, easter, etc..
you get the picture.

but this is NOTHING compared to the frustration I feel when i'm working on a craft project when A} it doesn't go the way i thought it would, B} i'm missing a material integral to the completion of the project,  or C} i have to wait for something to dry . WHICH brings me to the current project that i've been dying to share with you ..

i've been boasting on Facebook that i had a fabulous project to share. it's a version of a MUCH simpler project that i was looking forward to doing . but on a quest to ikea it brought me no such luck in finding the materials for the aforementioned project. leading me to a brilliant idea of thinking i can build my own...which i can & which i did! { hello to starting the new year off with new skills and confidence!} 
but let me point out , the easiest part of the project has turned into the HARDEST part.
the spray painting... the primer has yet to leave enough layers in parts of the wood that would stop the main colour from seeping into the wood ... so far it's been 5 coats of primers and a hard layer in patience..
i promise! by sunday, i'll have it up and running!
it's going to be a difficult wait for me.. but by sunday this darn project will be up for sharing! 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

aaaah nuts

just another day in the life of poor little pepper. she headed out today to the grocers. she picked up a few essentials since it had been a busy week of working and job searching. it wasnt enough that she just paid her rent and had to pay for her groceries using 2 different credit cards and whatever change she had in her pocket, but on her way home.. the stupid grocery bag she had her eggs in broke and they splattered on the sidewalk! ugh. 

Saturday, 7 January 2012

dental disaster.

i am two words.a DENTAL DISASTER. 
i have been having this extreme dental issue since before christmas holidays.
my teeth have been the bain of my existence for almost a month now and I'm about ready to smash my head against a brick wall. 
one ENTIRE bottle of tylenol extra strength and half a bottle of extra strength ibuprofen. dentist prescribed tylenol 3's and medicentre doctor prescribed pain killers since the t3's couldn't do their job. 
my liver and gut are practically kicking my own ass trying to tell me that "enough is enough". believe me dear liver, i am doing my best to avoid the drugs but its like labour pains in the mouth. literally. not just labour pains, BACK labour pains. just give me the god damn epidural , already!
alas though, tomorrow i have a dental appointment to have my wisdom tooth pulled {of said dental disaster}.but please somebody explain to me why my dentist has decided that only until i begin complaining is it the best time to take it out. you saw it there a year ago and could've avoided me this whole dental debacle.
BUT. getting my wisdom tooth pulled is not going to solve all my dental issues. there is the one little issue of a certain filling that was done three days ago that made matters worse. i basically have the worst dental luck, EVER. i do believe a root canal is in my future. that'll be just awesome. seriously. i mean, truly awesome.
look, i'm no dental hygienic angel.. i've gone all day without brushing my teeth. and as for flossing, it took about 10 years for me to finally make it a habit. {now i'm like a crack addict with flossing.. i crave the feeling of the waxy floss between my teeth and can't wait to see what junk i manage to find on the string.. gross i know.... but nobody said crack was a clean habit either} 
so.. wish me luck for tomorrow. and lets hope this dentist gets his shit together or my shit together for that matter because needless to say, my hands are tied unless i pull a tom hanks in "castaway"...

Friday, 6 January 2012

poor little pepper spills a shake.

last nite, poor little pepper, had a rough nite at work. it's her second job. and she hates it. loathes it. despises it. but because her day job doesnt make her any money, she has to wait on tables to pay the rent and keep milk in the fridge. (ha.)but last nite, she had had it with herself.. pepper was given a table full of hot guys. trying to be a super waitress and flirt all at the same time ..she spilled a drink from her tray.. this time.. it was a strawberry milkshake. it flew right from the tray and landed on the lap of the guy she had her eye on. insert sarcasm and read : way to go pepper! to top it off, she grabbed a cloth and started to help the hot guy clean up his lap. like,seriously!?? he had to tell pepper he had it under control. so, like a total nerd, she ran away and sobbed in the back embarassed beyond belief. she gave the table to her friend ginger..  ugh. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

wednesday's mail.

i love receiving mail. good mail. especially my orders from etsy .
so today, i finally received what i've been waiting {what seems like..} ages ..
though it did come from japan... so i guess it would take awhile.
but these are the two new stamps i am adding to my collection. from my new fave. etsy store :
talktothesun - handmade stamps, handmade jewelry, handmade felt. 

 stay tuned for a couple of projects i've come up with for these new stamps !! and don't forget to check out  talktothesun 's etsy shop!! it's tons of fun. xo

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

no milk for pepper.

it never fails. every time she goes to enjoy a big bowl of corn pops, there's never any milk. poor little pepper. all she wants is a sugary kick to get her ass in gear for the boring day ahead. she had a crappy sleep, she woke up with a zit and to top it off her fish "jorge" {pronounced- hor-hey } jumped out of the bowl in the middle of the night. off to starbucks it is..hopefully she has enough time to shower before she has to catch the bus. 

Sunday, 1 January 2012

peppers new year.

happy new year. poor little pepper. she went out last nite to a party. can't you tell? she's got her party hat on. and when she counted down ..10..9..8...etc..3..2..1.. she turned to kiss the boy she likes. and he was kissing someone else. forget this , she thought . dropped her champagne glass. kicked off her shoes and stole a bottle of mumm's champagne to drink on her way home. stupid new years, she thought. 

{all artwork is copyright by lindsey wall. if you choose to use the artwork on your own personal blog or elsewhere, please give due credit.}